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November 2022 Newsletter

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APP Spotlight

This month's fireside chat highlights Army Reserve veteran Brigid Barlesi, FNP. She shares how teamwork is important whether it be delivering care at Combat Support Hospital or UCSF. Also, in this 15 minute video she describes upcoming leadership projects and her pursuit of NP3 promotion. Click here for more info about NP3. Click here for more information on the UCSF student veteran and military support services.

Stacie Rohovit, RN, MS, NNP-BC Inpatient Neonatal/Pediatric APP manager Benioff Children’s Hospital Mission Bay 

Stacie Rohovit is truly a leader at Mission Bay and beyond. During her 7 years at UCSF, she has served as the interim nursing Director for Intensive Care Nursery, interim nursing Director for acute care floors (Med-Surg Peds, Transitional Care Unit, Hematology/Oncology, Bone Marrow Transplant) while maintaining her role as Neonatal and Pediatric APP manager. She has strategically grown the Pediatric/Neonatal APP department at BCH from 26 to 80 APPs to provide care in 8 clinical areas. This includes creating 2 new teams (Transitional Care Unit Peds and Cardiac ICU) and developing a float pool for critical care.

Beyond supporting the APPs at Mission Bay, Stacie advocated for all APPs with her presence on the following UCSF Health leadership committees--Committee on Interdisciplinary Practice (CIDP), BCH Appropriations Committee, APP Advisory Board, and serving as the Chair of the NP3 clinical ladder committee and Standards and Compliance committee.

We have learned so much Stacie over the years. UCSF is certainly a better place to work for and receive care as a patient because of Stacie's leadership and success. We thank her for everything she has done. Stacie has built a solid foundation for growth and opportunity for many APPs.

We wish her well as she will be pursuing leadership opportunities outside of UCSF starting in December and we know that she will be extremely successful in her new position.

This year there was a record number of nominations, 87, for the 2022 Exceptional Advanced Practice Provider Award.

There were many submissions from staff, faculty and peers who shared how their nominee exemplified UCSF Health PRIDE values in their clinical practice.

The 4 recipients will be announced on Thursday, December 8, 2022 with the airing of a virtual event. Click here to view more details about the virtual event closer to the date.

APP Education News

APP Town Hall--Today 4-5pm

The time study is the method for identifying and categorizing services and activities performed by APPs and physicians. This time study is a requirement of the Department of Health care services to claim uncompensated costs by entities such as UCSF, to receive funds from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS).

Presented by Rosie Krauter FNP-BC, CORLN and Brandon Sessler, MMS, PA-C

Meeting ID: 949 0546 4227

Password: 489871

Did you miss the prior Town Halls? Click here to view the recordings of the Town Halls that covered these topics: APP Utilization, APP Work Experience Survey Results, AB 890 (must log into MyAccess).

Email [email protected] to suggest future Town Hall topics. 

Pediatric Grand Rounds

Every Thursday 12-1pm

Click here for zoom link and more information

Thursday November 10, 2022

Dissecting HLA Association with Type-1-Diabetes in Non-European Populations

Speaker: Steve Mack, PhD

Thursday November 17, 2022

Pediatric perspective on global antimicrobial stewardship

Speakers: Prachi Singh DO & Anneka Hooft MD MPH

APP Grand Rounds

Tuesday November 29, 2022 12-1pm

Pancreatic Cancer: Overview and Updates

Speakers: Sheila Lindsay, NP & Patricia Zendejas, NP

Register in advance with the QR code below.

APP Education Stipend

Available to West and East Bay APPs

The APP Conference/Publication Stipend application are due the 1st Friday of the following months: January, April July, October. This is a change from rolling submissions. Please note that if you are awarded the stipend, submission of the receipts are due within 25 days from the end of conference. For more information, click here.

APP Standards & Compliance News

Be on the Lookout

At least 5 New Changes with your In Basket

1.New sections in middle/to the right, (folders still to left)

2.One Done Button--done, reviewed, handled and complete

3.Postpone--easy to save messages for later

4.Sticky notes--in patient sidebar

5.More customization options in Taskbar

Click here for pdf of all In Basket changes

Click here for comprehensive Provider Guide to for all updated In Basket changes

Click below for 3 minute video of all In Basket changes

In Basket Support

A Zoom Support Line will be available during the week of upgrade Tuesday11/15/22 to Friday 11/18/22 (8am-5pm)

Click here for zoom link

Meeting ID: 988 2111 6056

Password: 211025

Newest version of APeX coming November 15th

Changes will be made to all UCSF campuses (Parnassus, Mission Bay, Mt Zion, BCH-Oakland and Marin).

Click here for tip sheet for Results Review Activity

Click here for links to all APEX information

Justice, Equity and Inclusion News

Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD)

OPHD supports the University policy prohibiting discrimination and harassment of any person the basis of their membership in a protected category. OPHD responds to complaints from persons who believe they have been subjected to discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation on the basis of a protected category or activity.

Scan QR code for UCSF discrimination/Harassment Complaint form

File anonymously

To file an anonymous on-line complaint, click here. Choose a location and define "discrimination or harassment" as your subject matter and input the details of your complaint.

UCSF Health News

21st Century Cures Act Expanded--effective December 13, 2022

Open Notes and Results Transparency

In March 2021, UCSF Health and Affiliates on Apex went live with "Open Notes" and immediate sharing of results. In 2022, the Cures Act is expanding with guiding principle being that all clinical information should be shared proactively with patients. Starting December 13, 2022, notes associated with almost all encounter types will be shared*. This now includes:

  • "On-the-Fly" telephone encounters
  • MyChart encounter notes**
  • Documentation only encounters
  • Orders only encounters
  • OR Anesthesia Notes
  • Team Communication (CCS/Tumor Board/Transplant Committee Review)
  • Resident and fellow notes not requiring co-sign

*This is not retroactive

**MyChart Encounter notes will not be shared for 12-17 year olds

Non-clinical communication between providers/staff will not be shared with patients:

  • Staff messages
  • Routing comments Reply and Forward buttons
  • Comments within the In Basket 
  • Sticky notes / Specialty comments

For full pdf of Open Notes and Results Transparency--click here.

New APPs Who Joined UCSF Health

Please extend a warm welcome to our newly hired APPs

Shelby Clark, NP CT surgery

Rupinder Girn, CRNA Anesthesia

Gabriela Gomes, NP Womens Health Primary Care

Von Hoang, NP Mission Bay Cancer Center

Tara Kennedy, NP ICU

Christina Lawrence, CRNA Anesthesia

Jeffrey Macuja, CRNA Anesthesia

Maureen Mcgrath, NP Pediatric Diabetes

Ivan Mikhailau, PA CT surgery

Emily Rhoads, PA Neurospine

Amanda Ton, NP Pelvic Physiology

APP Job Corner

Refer an APP colleague to work at UCSF and potentially earn $2000 for yourself. For more info: referral program

Be sure they note your name at time of application submission.

There are many new postings for November 2022

Click here for list of all APP job openings

Quality and Safety

Evidence Based Fellowship Program

During the 9-month, 120-hour fellowship program, participants will utilize an EBP model to guide them through the 7 steps of the EBP process. To best support the fellows during the program, a primary EBP mentor will be assigned to work individually with each fellow, in addition to monthly team coaching sessions with a subject matter expert coach and operational sponsor. The monthly workshops will align with the implementation process timeline and feature didactic teachings, opportunities for application and experiential learning exercises. EBP Fellows will be expected to disseminate their work through both internal and external efforts

Click here for more information and application--

Available to West and East Bay APPs

Attend any of these information sessions

Wednesday, November 16 @ 2:00pm zoom login link here

Tuesday, November 22 @ 9:00am zoom login link here

Friday, December 2 @ 9:00am zoom link here 

Thursday, December 8 @ 10:00am zoom link here 

Submitted by Catherine Lau, MD, SFHM

Quality and Safety is a True North Pillar and a Strategic Priority at UCSF Health. The goals are to achieve zero harm and to improve clinical outcomes. The Standardized Infection Ratio (SIR) is a statistic used to track healthcare associated infections over time. In 2021, compared to all other UC Medical Centers, UCSF had the highest SIR rate with Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections--meaning UCSF had the most hospital acquired infections.

The introduction of indwelling urinary catheter removal protocol is one tactic to reduce CAUTI's as prompt IUC removal is a key cornerstone of decreasing the risk of CAUTI. 

Is there a higher risk for CAUTI if clean intermittent catheterization (CIC is used)?

CIC does NOT increase the risk of UTI and infact places the patient at less risk for bacteriuria and UTI compared to an indwelling urinary catheter.

Is clean intermittent catheterization (CIC) unfortable for patients?

Nurses are trained in CIC and are encouraged to use liberal amounts of lubrication to ensure CIC is as comfortable for the patient as possible. CIC is well tolerated and patients with chronic urinary obstruction often perform CIC themselves as part of their daily routine.

Advanced Care Planning--submitted by Mike Rabow, MD, FAAHPM

Here are some basic resources for documenting our ACP discussions with patients, as well as resources to support patients completing an Advance Directive.


All clinicians at UCSF can easily document their ACP

discussions using the “.ACP” dot phrase within

APEX. Anywhere in your note, you can type “.ACP” and a brief advance care planning note template (with drop-down menus) will be added to your note.  Within the dot phrase, there are options for free text, a basic discussion template, and one customized for surgeons to use.


The content that you include in your note will also simultaneously appear in the patient’s ACP Navigator for all to have access to. The ACP Navigator is a part of every UCSF patient’s APEX chart and include scans of Advance Directive and POLST documents, inpatient code status as designated during a prior admission, and all the .ACP notes in APEX for that patient (from you and other providers).

To help patients complete advance directives, UCSF is recommending 2 types of supports. 

  1. The MERI Center for Education in Palliative Care has a monthly, 2-session workshop (currently via zoom) for patients and family to learn about and complete an Advance Directive. It’s called “What Matters Most.” Patients can sign up for the workshop here https://meri.ucsf.edu/acp-workshops. [Patients can find Advance Directive forms and lots of other ACP resources here: https://meri.ucsf.edu/advance-care-planning.]
  2. Prepare for Your Care (Rebecca’s online step-by-step program with video stories) walks patients through completing an Advance Directive, including using an easy-to-read advance directive form. It’s all available: click here.


Once patients have an Advance Directive complete, to make it legal, it needs to be witnessed by 2 adults (only one can be a family member and neither can be the designated surrogate decision maker or a treating clinician) OR it can be notarized. FREE advance directive notary services for UCSF patients with cancer will be available starting 11/28/22. The Program Development Manager of the Patient and Family Cancer Support Center (PFCSC) at Mission Bay, Bernardo Diaz has been certified as a notary specifically to serve HDFCCC patients preparing their Advance Directives.

A dot phrase you can use that includes these Advance Directive instructions for patients--include in your AVS. In the SmartPhrase Manager, search “Rabow” and find it as “SMSACPFUINSTRUCTIONS.”

Wellness News

BCH APP Education Committee Social

STEM Kitchen SF has reopened! 499 Illinois Street. SF

Let's turn off Zoom and socialize with fellow BCH APP's while enjoying drinks and apps. Stop by and say hi for 10 minutes or 2 hours, whatever works for your schedule. 


Wednesday, November 16, 5-7pm

This is a great way to meet and network with other APP’s in an informal setting. We will provide appetizers; beverages will be available to purchase individually.


All APPs are welcome to attend

Can't wait to see you there! Contact [email protected] with any questions.

Sponsored by

BCH APP Education Committee

How to beat workplace loneliness

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Kurstan Del Rosario Senior Operations Analyst

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Roseanne "Rosie" Krauter, FNP-BC, CORLN Director of Clinical Systems

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Director of Professional Practice Fellowship Coordinator

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