Awareness Through Movement® lessons with BonnieK

Welcome to June -- we made it for 10 weeks!

My exploration for two months has been to teach classes ONLINE and I have to say there are lots of benefits!!
1.  YOU don't have to travel!
2. I can facilitate the personal learning you can have through Feldenkrais' lessons wherever you are in the state, country or world! 

I  also have been offering individual lessons ONLINE and have been amazed at some of the breakthroughs people are having --  ONLINE!!  
I feel I am able to sync with one's experience from far away and offer guidance that works!!  

I have always felt that the ultimate of Feldenkrais' lessons 
is for you to experience the ability for create changes yourself.  The question:  
How can you go slow enough to allow your
inner knowing  to self-correct? 

This past month has shown me how this really can work.  
I love the explanation Bonnie Cohen, a wonderful teacher from my past in Massachusetts, has about 'the sensory nervous system' and the motor nervous system. 

I have also been working with children ONLINE -- guiding the parent/caretaker to create the environment for learning that is so valuable.  That too has been amazing!

 Classes and Lessons will continue
ONLINE    -- so JOIN US!

A Taste of Feldenkrais on Monday evenings offers 2 Complimentary lessons for the uninitiated.  Bring a friend!!
[no class Memorial Day]   Register with ZOOM!

FYI:    I WILL be available for Functional Integration lessons in Sarasota or ST PETE -- when you feel ready. 

Monday evenings at 7:15 
REGISTER with Zoom directly
First two LESSONS Complimentary
These lessons are designed for YOU to 'experience' the Essence of Feldenkrais' theory and potential for how strong and balanced you can feel when you learnshow easy it is to quiet unnecessary holding patterns within 
your movements/YOURSELF!

Ongoing CLASS Classes May 18 - July 1


1.  Pay for classes 
2.   I will send you the link to register with ZOOM 
3.  ZOOM sends you the link to the class
4.  I remind you each week 3 hours prior 

MONDAY Evenings, 5:45
** Challenging: only those who have been with me before 

9:45     and      11:00

Individual Sessions ONLINE!
scroll down page and look for lessons

I look forward to seeing you on ZOOM!  or in person soon!
Bonnie K  

Please check in before hand and call 941.587.4535 if you have problems
Please do not call once class has started. 

Bonnie Kissam, M.A., 
Feldenkrais Practitioner┬«