Bishop’s Appeal Interim Report
Holy Cross Day
14 September 2019
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Our diocesan community, along with friends near and far, has given over $330,000 to the people of the Abacos and Bahamas. Each day we have a greater understanding of their specific needs.

As your bishop, I am moved to see this outward and visible sign of your faith, generosity, and sacrifice. Thank you for pouring out your hearts to our sisters and brothers of our companion diocese in their time of greatest need.

Jesus calls us to be present to each other when the unexplainable occurs and leaves us feeling lost and alone. As we hear more and more every day about the devastation, we feel in our hearts that love and concern for our neighbour of which Jesus speaks so often throughout his ministry.   We know the truth of his words so well.  As your bishop, I know the longing that we all must share of wanting to help.

To all who have given to the Appeal so far, thank you. Thank you especially on behalf of all those whom this money will help.

To those who have not yet given, please join us. Our capacity to make a significant difference for our sisters and brothers in the Bahamas increases with every dollar we raise. Now more than ever we must live and proclaim the Gospel.

With love and prayers,

+ Peter

Our Appeal remains open and you can make a further donation by clicking here .  Or you may send your cheque to Ms Angie Iturrioz at the Bishop’s Office, 525 NE 15 th Street, Miami 33132