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Nickelodeon seeks a CG Generalist


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phone (818) 845-7500
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The following job listing is for an employer that is signed to the Animation Guild contract.

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The Nickelodeon Animation Studio in Burbank is a creative oasis for artists who have at their fingertips the latest in state-of-the-art equipment and technology. The studio offers cutting-edge animation technology, allowing artists to combine traditional cell animation with the newest digital technologies, including CG, 3-D and motion capture. 


CG Generalist responsibilities can include, creating character, environment, or prop models, doing uv layout, blendshapes, rigging, texturing, lighting, finaling, or assisting in these areas as far as their skills and knowledgebase will allow.  Individual responsibilities will be determined per artist, per show, based on the needs of the show and the knowledge of the CG Generalist, and may include cross training in any of the departments mentioned above to expand the CG Artist's versatility.  A CG Generalist will work with the leads and other artists on a show to fulfill the creative vision for that show/project.



  • Assisting with the creation or creation of character, set, and prop models
  • Completion of UV layout for character, set, and prop models
  • Assisting with the creation or creation of set Layout files
  • Assisting with the creation or creation of blendshapes
  • Assisting with the rigging or rigging of characters, sets, or props
  • Assisting with the creation or creation of textures
  • Assisting with the creation or creation of Lighting or lighting presets
  • Completing the finaling process on characters, sets and props
  • Being knowledgeable about our pipeline to ensure proper workflow across departments
  • Communicating and upholding pipeline standards
  • Assist with creating documentation as needed for in house and overseas asset teams
  • Complete all tasks within a timely manner

Basic Qualifications:

  • Should have a moderate to advanced knowledge of Maya
  • Should have a moderate to advanced knowledge of Photoshop
  • Must be organized and have good communication skills

Desired Plusses:

  • Experience in MEL and Python
  • Cross department experience in modeling, uv layout and blendshapes is a plus


Follow this link to the Viacom career page to begin the online application process to apply for this position: