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February 12, 2018
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March 2-4, 2018
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The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, along with the Alberta and BC Chambers of Commerce, issued a joint statement on February 1, 2018 in response to the recent announce by the B.C. government that it will impose restrictions on shipments of diluted bitumen from Alberta. "This is much more than a regional issue. Read More
T oday's work environments are complex. Medicine Hat College provides training that helps develop strong leaders, provide a strong foundation in business functions, effective communication skills, and managerial skills.  The programs listed below are eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. The grant covers two-thirds of the direct training costs, and the employer is required to pay the remaining third. Click here   for more information.
Social Media for Business starts Feb. 15
InDesign starts Mar 2
Working with PDF Files starts Mar 7
Legal Office Assistant starts Mar 6

For more information about the programs, or programs eligible for the Chamber Member to Member discount contact Shannan by  email  or call 403-529-3849.
Healing Hands Oasis specializes in massage therapy. We have just expanded to a beautiful,large location on North Railway that includes a retail store, and are currently seeking more therapists.
With national carbon pricing expected throughout Canada in 2018, businesses will have to start thinking about carbon costs the same way they think about labour, energy or the other costs of doing business. Managing this new cost line well will lead to a competitive advantage. Managing it poorly can hurt the bottom line and leave opportunities on the table. Many small businesses face a steep learning curve when it comes to managing carbon costs.  Read More
A quick Google search of "how to start a business" quickly unveils pages of services, articles and insight for entrepreneurs to consider. With so much information to sift through, often just the process of researching business development services can stall even the most dedicated entrepreneur in moving their idea from concept to reality. Business incubation programs are aimed at solving this exact problem.  Read More
Constant Contact®, Inc. and Outstand helps businesses connect with their customers, clients, and members. As leaders in its email marketing, online survey and event marketing tools they also boasts one of the highest email deliverability rates available.
E rnie's Sharpening Services  provide you with a sharpening service for the wood working industry; arborist tools, including stump grinding bits; scissor & knife sharpening; garden tools; planer & router bits, & a whole lot more. Will provide pick up and delivery service as needed.
With tax season just around the corner here is some important information and resources to keep in mind:
Sometimes you might disagree with your tax assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). It may be because you think it's wrong, you noticed information is missing, or you were assessed by the CRA because you didn't respond to a notice to complete a tax return. Choosing the right course of action helps to ensure your issue gets resolved quicker, saving you time and money. Here are some  guidelines to help find the best solution for your situation. Read More
The Government of Canada has stated that non-medicinal cannabis will become legal Summer 2018. Federal and provincial levels of government will be responsible for the majority of rules around non-medical cannabis including how it is produced, distributed, advertised and sold. The City of Medicine Hat has the ability to develop local policies and regulations including where retail stores may be located, hours of operation and public consumption rules. Read More
THRIVE  is tasked with finding meaningful and impactful ways to end poverty and increase well being in Medicine Hat and region by 2030.
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