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March 12 ,2018
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October 26-28, 2018
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While the Canadian Chamber welcomes the temporary exemption extended to Canada today on U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs by the U.S. Administration, the waiver must be made permanent and not be linked to the outcome of the NAFTA negotiations. "Canada should be exempt from these tariffs, fully and without condition.  Read More
For 1st time ad packages with  Chat News Today  receive a square ad for 6 consecutive weeks, bonus to include ad creation at no extra charge. Retail value is $960; members will receive it for only $576. For returning advertisers, a "Featured Story" package which consists of 500-700 word article, up to 3 photos, a featured link to the article on all pages of our site, showcased on the home page for 3 weeks, archived on our site, a 3 week square ad under news, part of our social media promotions for 3 weeks & a bonus of ad creation at no extra charge. Retail value is $2,000; members will get it for only $1,000.
Both the City of Medicine Hat and the Town of Redcliff have posted cannabis surveys on their websites. With cannabis legalization expected later this year municipalities are looking to input from the public in anticipation of updating their bylaws. The City of Medicine Hat  cannabis survey will be accepting responses until March 19, 2018. The Town of Redcliff will allow responses on their  cannabis survey until March 30, 2018.  
Canadians, Ship your packages to Havre Montana for pickup at your convenience!   West Wind Courier Service is a package drop off destination for Canadian orders from Medicine Hat, Alberta and Saskatchewan area. We are open evenings and weekends and by appointment for your convenience. 
There could be no better time than now to act on your hopes to grow or start a business. Right here in Medicine Hat, there are people ready to help you shape your ideas. There are services to bring product ideas to life. We can align you with experienced mentors who know the challenges and rewards of business development. Not enough motivation? What if we added access to funding to launch the first steps toward a new business, or expanding an existing operation? What if you didn't need to pay that money back?  Read More
The City of Medicine Hat is asking for feedback from the public on trials currently taking place to enhance school and playground zone signage. The intent of the trials is to evaluate enhancements intended to increase driver awareness and compliance in school and playground zones. The enhancements were installed at various locations throughout the city in August 2017 and speed data is currently being collected at these locations. The City would also like to gain feedback from the public on their experiences in these zones. Read More
It is not as much a question of who is, but what is, that will help you understand the experience you will have at our MediSpa where we specialize in laser skin therapy. The name  Jules + Stellan  explains the experience you will have when you visit us. Jules, in Latin, signifies the word youthful. Youthful is the state we will take your skin to, a youthful state where it is healthy, fresh and has a beautiful glow. Stellan, a Scandinavian name, takes on the meaning calm. Calm is the state of mind we want your mind to be in during the entire visit at Jules + Stellan. Being inspired by the Danish, some of the happiest people on earth, we created our space at Jules + Stellan to be "hygge approved". What is hygge you ask? It is another Scandinavian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. That does sound blissful, doesn't it! How could we not ensure our space reflected the values of hygge to provide you that cozy comfortable atmosphere. We hope you enjoy visiting Jules + Stellan as much as we have enjoyed creating this calming peaceful Medispa. We promise that our laser services will provide you the results you want in a manner that you typically don't find in our North American culture.
Community organizations across the province can now access the Community Energy Capacity Building Program (CECB). This new program allows community organizations to apply for funding to support community scale renewable energy generation. Projects with activities focused on community energy development, could include but are not limited to, renewable energy project feasibility studies, business case development, webinars and training.
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