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November / December 2018
President's Message
Well, it seems like we went from summer straight into Winter. Most of our club members are done with their triathlon racing and have now transitioned to winter running events. 
See below on how to RSVP for our End of Season Extravaganza on December 2nd.
The TTC Board had a great planning session last week and we are working to increase our program activities in 2019. One thing that was evident from our planning session is that the 2019 season will be starting earlier than it has in the past few years. With the end of the Raleigh 70.3, the 2019 local race calendar has lots of changes. The addition of the Crystal Coast Full and Half Booty in May and a June 1 st date for the Triangle Sprint Triathlon. In response, we will be starting our 2019 programing earlier than usual to help our members get ready for these early season races. So, bundle up for lots of early season training.

Fred Arnold
End of Season Extravaganza - December 2, 2018
Capital City Tavern
112 Fayetteville St, Raleigh, NC 27601

Get out your calendar now and reserve the evening of Sunday, December 2nd. This is will be the date of our End of Season Extravaganza.

This event will run from 5PM-9PM.

We are working on the details now.

Food - Drink - Door Prizes and more!
TTC On-line Store
We have a small quantity of Tri Suits and other items IMMEDIATELY available in our TTC on-line store.

Headsweat hats and visors and a limited range of sweatshirt sizes are immediately available in our local store

We have a few 2017 items available at blow out prices

TTC on-line store here
A Message from T3 Tri Coaching
The “post season” verses the “off season.” It’s great to refresh your body and mind now that the racing season is over, but don’t simply take it “off”. This is the time to start assessing your year and working on your weaknesses while maintaining your strengths into next year. Post season strength, technique and base endurance work will give you a big jump on next year. This is also a great time to start establishing next year’s goals and planning your training and races around that. 

Also we would like to run another round of beginner and intermediate training programs next year. Give Fred, Paul and myself your thoughts on what you would like to see in a TTC program. 

Don’t under estimate how a coach can help you learn and progress. Learn more at or give me a call. 
Brain Tucker
Have you taken the TTC End of Season Survey?
Current (2018) TTC members should have received an email inviting them to participate in a year end survey.

We tried to read your minds and we made some progress, but it was a little scary and so we decided to do the survey.

Please Complete your survey by November 30th.

1 DAY ONLY! Special Micronutrient Testing & Consultation Package
When : December 6th 10am-2pm (15 minute appointments for lab draw). The 30 minute consultation will be scheduled (in-person or by phone) once the results return.

Where: Conveniently at our office!

How much : $349 includes the draw fee (normally $35), micronutrient test (normally $319) and 30 minute professional nutrition consultation (normally $65) on how to use the results for optimal performance and health (SAVE $70 with this package!)

Learn more about micronutrient testing  here.

  1. Purchase the package online.
  2. Schedule your 15 minute blood draw on December 6th here.
  3. Wait approximately 10-14 business days for the results to arrive, then receive the link to schedule your 30 minute consultation.
  4. Get your personalized food and supplement recommendations to feel your best!

Chris Newport, MS, RDN, LDN, CISSN, EP-C
office:  (919) 230-7897
mobile:  (919) 2 70-7020
1040 Darrington Dr #104  Cary, NC 27513
Connect:  Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram YouTube Blog
Book Your Session  Here !
IRONMAN TriClub Program Update
New club members - Please Read
We need everyone doing an IRONMAN branded race to be affiliated with the Triangle Triathlon Club USA (there is another Triangle Tri Club in Ireland).
Go here to create an account and/or affiliate with TTC USA.

Program Details:
Priority Bike Racks - the top five clubs with the highest number of registered members will receive priority bike rack.  Members must be affiliated and registered 45 days out to event date. Excluding IRONMAN World Championship and IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.
VIP Passes -  At all events, the top three clubs with the highest number of registered members will receive (2) spectator VIP Passes.
Members must be affiliated and registered 45 days out to event date. Excluding IRONMAN World Championship and IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.
Race Entries - Earn 1 free entry for every 20 affiliated members registered to race for the same event! Does not apply to sold out events.   Max 5 entries . Does not apply to RELAY registrations.  
Members must be affiliated. Excluding IRONMAN World Championship and IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.   
We auction off the Race Entries to raise money for local charities.
Past Season, New Goals.
BritFit logo

Did you review your past season’s achievements yet? Did you see a gap in some of your training that came through in your fitness and race performances?

The highs and lows of race day performances are all great teachable moments. Logging them in the memory banks of your training log is very helpful. Future reading can help you focus on specific changes needed.

As for setting new goals- Where do you start?
As you start to see the gaps in the training or race performance history it becomes clearer what you need to do. The hard thing is to know subjectively where to start. Of course I am biased! I am a coach! I am going to tell you of course to “hire a coach”!

The off season is a great time to add in new things. It’s a great time to diversify, to spread your wings and make those changes. Do it while you have time being off a strict training routine. That way you can get accustomed to these changes.

Here are a few ideas.

1.       Does your swim need help?
Join a Masters group. Swimming with a group will make you a better swimmer. The Coach will give you stroke feedback. The accountability and new friendships will go a long way to help pass the yardage.

2.       What’s your strength routine look like?
If you pulled it out of a magazine, you may want to invest some time with a trainer. He/she could screen you to find what your own particular needs are. You are only as strong as your weakest link.

3.       Do you ride with power on the bike?
The cost of power meters has come down a lot. It is totally worth the investment if you are serious about making gains on your bike.

4.       Prioritize your season and plan ahead.
Hopefully you are working with a coach to develop your fitness with structure. 
They will increase your ability to handle more training stress load. They will help you avoid early season burn out, and reduce your risk of injury.
Understanding the layout of how you should train through the upcoming season helps you to stay focused. Accepting and knowing when there will be rough days of high fatigue load helps you push through and hang in there when it really counts. Knowing a recovery week is coming up is always nice. Training ‘blind’ with no planning doesn’t work.
5.       Get out onto the trails
The Triangle area has an abundance of fantastic trails. For hiking, running and biking. All three of which will help develop your strength and fitness.
Bike handling skills will transfer over to either a road or time trial bike. The various stabilizer muscles used for running on softer, uneven surfaces will help your overall strength and agility, while reducing loading forces on your joints and soft tissue.
So while memories are still fresh jot down those lessons learned from this past season and good luck with the next!
Coach Jackie
Britfit Personal Training and Coaching
Cell: (919) 818-7096 
Base Performance
Many athletes racing today are wanting to "try" BASE Hydro and the BASE Real Bars for their 2018 season. So here is an opportunity we created for you. BASE Hydro comes in 5 amazing flavors. And BASE Real Bars come in 5 flavors.
Use code : TTC18 for 20% off! Available all year around. 
BASE Hydro has zero artificial colors. It has 3 sugar sources (Maltodextrin, Dextrose and Fructose) so that the body has an easier time absorbing and processing the sugars. Hydro is loaded with Sodium to keep your electrolytes firing.
BASE Real Bars not only taste absolutely amazing, but they are Certified Organic, Certified Non-GMO, Certified Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, and Zero Artificial Ingredients. The ONLY sugar in the bars comes from either the fruits, the honey, or the dates. Try all 5 flavors today.
Base Performance
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TTC18 at checkout to save!
Coming Soon
2019 Club Registration
Frank Rexford, Senior Mortgage Banker
Corporate Investors Mortgage Group, Inc
As a member of the Triangle Triathlon Club and a long-time member of the local triathlon community, it is important to me to support our community, which is why I am thrilled to be a sponsor of the Triangle Triathlon Club for another year. 

I have been originating mortgages since 2005, and I have the experience and ability to get your loan closed smoothly and on time. And I am honored to have provided home financing for many local multi-sport athletes.

I strive to carefully guide my clients through the mortgage process. Understanding the many financing options available is the key to making decisions you will be comfortable with, and I will provide clear explanations all along the way, from preapproval to the closing table.

Corporate Investors Mortgage Group, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company. We work with many investors who will compete for your business, which enables us to provide competitive rates and fees.  We have been lending since 1997, and offer Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, USDA, and VA loans at competitive rates.

Our Commitment
  • We maintain control over every step of the loan process – from the appraisal and processing/underwriting to closing and funding, ensuring that your loan proceeds quickly and efficiently.
  • We can always be reached by phone, in person, or via email.
  • We offer competitive mortgage rates and mortgage programs.

News and Awards
Triangle Business Journal - Top 25 Mortgage Lender & #1 non-depository lender
Triangle Business Leader - Top 100 Small Company
Triangle Business Journal - Fast 50 Company (2010, 2013, 2016. 2017)

More information please visit
Triangle Triathlon Club | Email | Website