October 2020
Donors & Grantors
In the non-profit and fund-raising worlds, a signature event can make or break an organization’s budget and their ability to meet their mission. For FACT, that event has been a “Lawn Party” held each May for the past fifteen years. The cancellation of that single event, due to the pandemic, jeopardized our ability to provide programs in the future.
Fortunately, there’s an app for that! To narrow the financial gap left by Covid 19, FACT hosted a Virtual Lawn Party on October 3rd complete with cocktails, auctions, and music from Strictly Bizzness. The results were remarkable. Thanks to our sponsors, donors, and bidders, FACT has met it’s goal. We offer our deepest gratitude to everyone who participated. FACT’s board and staff especially want to recognize the following benefactors for their generosity.
Our sincere thanks to everyone who participated and gave so generously to support families with autism.
Movers & Shakers
Some people just “get it”. Although autism is a disability that presents many challenges, it also produces truly unique and special personalities that we at FACT find so compelling and endearing.
This summer when Camp Gonnwannagoagin’ was center-based at the YMCA JT’s Camp Grom, we were privileged to work with many of their talented staff. We spent a lot of time in and on the water, so we got to know the lifeguards especially well. Two of them enjoyed working with our campers with autism so much that they were inspired to volunteer for FACT. 
Every Saturday morning for eight weeks, you can find Paige Wilson playing kickball with a team of athletes with autism at Friends School. After a short break, she and co-worker Danny Keaton will be at Camp Grom helping teach individuals with autism to kayak. From the pool, to Lake Standing at Camp Grom, and eventually out into the Linkhorn Bay with the help of Chesapean Outdoors; Paige and Danny are teaching and encouraging our paddlers with autism. Their willingness to give their time and talent to teach a new leisure skill to their peers with autism reminds us that we all have something valuable to share. Thanks Paige and Danny!
October Programs & Events
Friday, October 30- YMCA JT's Camp Grom, the Autsim Society, and FACT will be collaborating to bring the autism community a socially distanced Family Fun Day

Also this month:

Oct. 11- Teen Time and Social Club visit the Haunted Hayride at Hunt Club

Oct. 17 Out & About visit the HUnt Club for their Fall Festival and picnic

Oct. 21 Fall Crafting classes begin- create decorations and gifts for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
Our first group walk in the narrows of First Landing Sate Park- so great to see everyone.
GONNAWANNAHIKEAGIN'- Meet up with your favorite FACT staff and friends for a weekly walk on Wednesdays. Visit our CALENDAR for a schedule of times, locations, and a sign up sheet for this FREE event