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The 1st Shabbos of KYY #18

Ready to BRING IT bigger and better!
This week is Shabbos Parshas Ki Taytsay!
The very first week of KYY #18!
The Jr. Rabbi is Habochur Hatomim Hamispallel SHMULLY GREENBAUM sheyichye
a brand new 3rd grader who will be joining us!
We look forward to welcoming you in to our Shul for a beautiful davening!
The Chazan is Habochur HaBainany MOTTI SCHOCHET in honor of his summer birthday!
Welcome to our new 3rd graders who are graduating from Bainany and Bainaniya and joining the EZRAS ANOSHIM & NOSHIM, in the big minyan!!
We are excited to welcome you in this week.
Some things you can expect in our 18th year:
*All our annual yomim tovim events, just bigger!
(Think Children's Hakafos, Yomei D'pagra, Purim Extravaganza, Shavuos Ice Cream party!)
*Brand new siddurim!
*Shabbaton Ezras Noshim!
* Shabbaton Eras Anoshim!
*Grand Elections!
*Derech Eretz Program
*Laugh and Learn weekly
*Unzere Kinder EPIC peulah - SURPRISE!
*Special ZOCHE B'GORAL Raffle for our Ezras Anoshim!