le 12 avril, 2021
 Johnson Edition
(3rd Grade - 10th Grade)
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Dear Lycée Families, 

Welcome back from what we hope was a warm and special spring break. We want to remind you that beginning this Wednesday, April 14th, grades 3-5 in-person learners should report to school as we moved to a 5 days a week model for this grade band. It was a treat to greet our students back today and we look forward to this last stretch of the school year. 

As you know, LEAP testing season is upon us. We would like to bring your attention to this page of our website where you will find important information from the LDOE as well as an FAQ specific to our school regarding the test and non-participatory info. 

Our team has worked incessantly to assure a safe and secure testing environment for all students, including virtual learners. We had a lot to take into consideration: social distancing; secure testing environment; differentiated testing rooms according to accommodations; etc. In order to provide all of the above, we need our Johnson campus to be fully dedicated to testing. The testing schedule has been shared with you, however it is linked HERE for easy access. 

As you can see from the schedule, elementary grades and middle/high school grades are tested in different weeks. While 3-5 grades are testing at the Johnson Campus, all other grades will be housed at the McNair Campus at 1603 S.Carrollton. Vice versa, when 6-10 graders are testing, 3-5 graders will be housed at the McNair Campus. This was an optimal solution for our students to continue in-person instruction. The alternative was to keep non-testing students at home. 

We have diligently worked to make sure the McNair Campus is ready for this transition, including transportation shifts (we will have an extra drop off and pick up just for the few days students will be in the building - Mr John Henry will follow up with specific communications to bus riders) and meal service. The campus has been cleaned, disinfected and secured in order to provide an adequate and safe space for our students to keep on learning. The McNair campus will be also used next year as a swing space for grades 8-11 while the Priestley renovation and construction comes to an end in the fall/winter of 2021. 

We look forward to a strong finish and an exceptional testing season.
Your Leadership Team
(Mon. April 12 is B week)
Meet the newest member of Lycée!
Mary-Devon Dupuy, Director of Extended Day programs, and her husband, Geoff, welcomed Oscar George Gauchet into the world on 4/6/21 at 12:54 pm at 7 lbs on the dot. Everyone is doing well and adjusting to family life.
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The purpose of this message is to provide information and clarification about the upcoming LEAP testing (3rd-8th grades), EOC, and AP exams (High School). The testing window will open on Wednesday, April 28.

Please carefully read the content of this message as it contains important information with regard to the testing schedules, testing sessions, overall logistics, specific logistical information for our virtual students, and general advice on how you can help your child be at his/her best for these tests. 
Please find a summary of the different calendars for upper elementary (3rd-5th), middle school (6th-8th), and high school courses (English 1&2, Algebra, Geometry, Biology, and AP French). 
Format of the Exam:
3rd and 4th graders will take a “paper-based test” (PBT) while all other students will take a “computer-based test” (CBT).

Location of the Exam:
All LEAP, EOC, and AP exams will take place at the Johnson Campus, 1800 Monroe Street.
Students should arrive at school on time between 7:45 - 8:00 am. Dismissal is between 3:40 - 4:00 pm.

Virtual students can be dropped off by car through the carpool line or walked to the front of the building. There is a dedicated entrance for all virtual students during testing to minimize interactions with other students. Virtual students should enter the building through the metal gate on Monroe Street next to the bike racks (to the left of the main entrance when facing the building). 
Dress code during Testing:
All students are expected to wear their uniform during testing.

Snacks, Drinks, and Lunch:
Snacks will be provided to students in between sessions 1 and 2. However, feel free to send your child with his/her own snack if he/she has a specific diet or if it’s your preference. Please send a refillable water bottle with your child. 
Lunch will be served as usual and free of charge for the remainder of the school year. 

Bring a Book:
Encourage your child to bring a book he/she enjoys as reading is the only authorized activity once a testing session is over. 

Special attention to technological devices:
All students’ cell phones will have to be turned off and given to the teacher for the duration of testing. Cell phone usage could void a student's test as well as others in a class even if a phone goes off accidentally during testing. 
Non-testing days schedule and location: 
Because of the very high number of student groups during testing (due to PODS grouping and testing accommodations), all students not taking LEAP on certain days will have classes at the McNair building, 1607 S. Carrollton. 
Students should arrive at school on time between 7:55 - 8:10 am. Dismissal is between 3:45 - 4:15 pm.

The McNair building is located a few blocks away from Johnson. School buses will drop off non-testing students there directly. John-Henry Trant will share specific information about the carpool line for McNair as well as the protocol for walkers.

Please refer to the following calendars for the dates when specific grade levels will have classes at McNair.
General advice: 
As testing can be a stressful time for students and parents, here are a few recommendations on how to best support your child during these days:

  • Arriving on time is essential so that students can join their testing session in a timely manner and as relaxed as possible
  • Coming to school well-rested is important. Please encourage your child to get plenty of sleep and that the evening bedtime schedule is consistent
  • Ensuring that your child gets a hearty, healthy breakfast every day or that they have sufficient time to have breakfast at school.
  • Implementing morning routines that are as calm and free of stress or conflict as possible
  • Providing encouraging words and/or routines (hugs, high fives, …) to boost your child’s confidence in his/her abilities
  • Keeping things in perspective, especially for students who tend to put too much pressure on themselves

If you have further questions about LEAP testing or High School exams, please email Sophie Capmartin, scapmartin@lfno.org or Samantha Kreuscher, skreuscher@lfno.org


LFNO Academic Team

2020 - 2021 Yearbook Submissions Needed
Deadline EXTENDED: Sun. April 25
This year has been unlike any other and will be reflected in our fun and eclectic 2020-2021 yearbook! We will feature teacher highlights, best COVID masks, student art, athletics, and anonymous gratitudes; these are only a few of the new sections we will have this year. Below is a list of Google Forms for submitting your entries. We would love to have your participation and encourage you to submit entries for all forms. The due date for all submissions is Sunday, April 25. 

We want to showcase the hard work and dedication to academic excellence that is consistently shown by our students, families and staff. Thank you for everything each and every one of you has contributed to Lycée Français this past year. 

Extended Day Services
Seeking Coaches:
Baseball and softball skill-building is underway! All students 4th grade and up are eligible to participate in skill-building with Coaches Gary Ptak (baseball) and Aafke Van Meteren (softball). Medical release forms and consent forms are required for participation, in addition to registration. Registration can be completed at lfno.campbrainregistration.com

Information about practice times/locations, and all necessary forms, can be found at www.lfno.org/athletics-2 

If you are interested in coaching softball or assisting with baseball, please reach out to mdupuy@lfno.org. All coaches, volunteer or paid, must complete a background check through LFNO. 

Registration will open this week for baseball skill building with Coach Gary Ptak. We are still looking for a head coach for softball skill-building. 

Please email mdupuy@lfno.org if you are interested in coaching softball this spring, or if you are interested in coaching or assistant coaching/volunteer coaching fall sports (Cross Country, Swimming, Flag Football, Volleyball).
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3rd - 5th Grade
Now that we have shifted back to virtual learning, here is a reminder about Lexia! Elementary teachers assign Lexia assignments on a weekly basis, it is an independent and research-based program that students should use regularly to boost their reading skills. 
Did you know that in grades K-5, LFNO uses Lexia not just to boost foundational and advanced reading skills, but also to guide literacy instruction? 
As students complete units, teachers can use the targeted skill builder lessons to intersect with any skills that were not completely mastered in the lessons. It is important that students are practicing regularly and meeting the recommended usage minutes in order to get the most out of this research-proven, and nationally recognized literacy program. 
Lexia is proven to close the literacy gap when used with commitment and fidelity! If you are having trouble setting up or logging into your account, please let Ms. Annie Neahring know.
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Mark your Calendar

  • Athletics Committee Meeting - Tuesday, April 13 at 5:00 PM
D.I.Y. Make your mark rain barrel - an at-home project!
If you or someone in your household has tested positive for COVID-19, or if you have been advised to quarantine by a boss, doctor, or loved one, you qualify to register for this program (no doctor’s approval or note is needed). Anyone over 65, regardless of income brackets, anyone with children under 18 not currently enrolled in a food program and anyone with a chronic illness may also apply. For more information please call NOLA 311 (504-658-2299) or enroll online at NOLA311.org #SaveaRestaurant and apply today!
Coronavirus Parenting: Managing Anger and Frustration
From the Child Mind Institute
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