le 3 May,  2018
In this newsletter...

Thank you for the commitment to support Lycée during GiveNOLA Day! This year we had the ambitious goal of $15,000 and the Lycée community came together to reach it and surpass it! We raised a total of $15,962 from 196 donors, that is 25 more donors than last year!
Thank you to everyone who gave and shared our story. We couldn't have done it without you. Donations ranged from $10- $1,000. All donations help support our Thinking Outside the Classroom program.
Once again, MERCI! If you missed the opportunity to give, you can contribute to our Annual Giving campaign, which also benefits Thinking Outside the Classroom, by clicking HERE.
To celebrate, students have FREE DRESS DAY on Tuesday, May 15! Please keep in mind that there are dress code rules to follow, more information will be sent in next week's newsletter.

Green Schools Challenge: Vote for Lycée between now and Friday, May 4th by 5:00 PM! 

How to vote: 

We have the opportunity to win an  Elkay USA  water fountain for Johnson Campus! Please spread the word.

This is a reminder to be considerate neighbors! We've had a great year so far, let's finish out strong. Please follow the guidelines below: 
  • Park all four tires on the street, not the grass or the curb.
  • Park no closer than 3 feet on either side of a driveway.
  • Park legally, not in a handicapped spot without a permit. 

Listed Below are a few parking violations:
  • Obstructing fire lanes (citation fee - $40)  
  • Parking on a sidewalk, as defined in Section 146-531 
    of the City Code, even if it is adjacent to your own property  (citation fee - $40)
  • Parking within 3 feet of a driveway on either side, only upon a driveway owner's request  (citation fee - $40)
  • Parking for more than 10 minutes in passenger zones  (citation fee - $40)
  • Parking in freight or loading zones  (citation fee - $40)
  • Parking against the flow of traffic or on an angle (citation fee - $40)
  • Parking within 20 feet of intersections, crosswalks or stop signs  (citation fee - $40) (towable)
  • Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant on either side  (citation fee - $40)
  • Having 1 unpaid outstanding parking violation &/or traffic camera violation. Vehicles are eligible for booting  
  • Unlawfully parking in a handicapped zone without proper permit (citation fee - $500). Guidance on how to obtain a  mobility impaired hangtag.
  • Towing fee (starts at $161.25, additional fees may apply)
The city will be monitoring the area and will ticket parking violators between now and the end of school. Let's be mindful of our neighbors. Merci! 





Staff Appreciation week is an opportunity for the LFNO community to recognize the efforts of those people that make our school truly great - the educators, administrators, counselors, support staff and security officers who contribute to the development of our students day in and day out.  While this can be a special way to show our thanks, there is absolutely NO requirement to participate in each of these events, and no pressure to spend financial resources on individual gifts. 

Homemade cards, trinkets, and in person  words of thanks  are encouraged! Please contact Steph Strain, stephstrain820@gmail.com  or Holly-Anne  Palmer,    hollyannedirector@gmail.com  with any questions!  You can download a printable version of this information HERE.  


Lycée students will be participating in this year's Mind Steppers Competition. Over 200 children from K - 8th grade will Merenge, Salas, Swing, Tango, Waltz and more! The event is FREE, bring your friends.  

When: Friday, May 18 at 5:30 PM sharp

Where: Lyons Center, 624 Louisiana Avenue, NOLA

Please complete your online registration forms ASAP, in order for our new transportation routes to plotted. Online registration for the 2018-2019 school year is now open on SchoolAdmin! All families must register incoming and returning students. If you already have an account please login to complete your checklist. If you do not have a SchoolAdmin account you will need to create one. Please complete all checklist items that appear when you login to your account.

Extra copies of the Louisiana Health and Residency forms can be found at the front desk of both campuses. Please note only new families need to drop off copies of birth certificate, parent IDs, proof of residency and vaccination records. 

To log in, please go to www.lfno.org/register/

WHAT:  Please join us for an informal session on Lycée's Gifted Program. The presentation will focus on the screening and evaluation process, drafting of the IEP and program services. 
WHEN: May 17 at 6pm (Patton Campus):

WHAT:  Please join us for an informational session on  our Middle School and plans for the High School.This presentation will focus on academic and student life plans that Lycée is putting in place for its Middle and High school. 
WHEN: May 22 at 6pm (Johnson Campus)

Many students who take their own lunch have sweetened drinks. While it may seem healthful some fruit juices are packed with as much as 6 tablespoons of sugar. Others like Powerade contain as much as 11 tablespoons of sugar! This of course does not include desserts and other sweets packed with lunches. Next school year, we are requiring that students drink milk or water with their lunches.

We need to take care of our students' health. Too much sugar can really be an issue. While sugar is not forbidden it's important to teach students how to take smart eating habits. For example, when you are thirsty, drink water rather than a sweet drink. 

According to the American Heart Association in the American Journal of Medicine, children from the ages of 2 to 18 should consume less than 4 tablespoons of added sugar each day.

WHERE: City Park Night
WHEN: Saturday, May 12, 2018 from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
COST: A $15 wristband entitles you to an evening of unlimited rides and fun! The park will be closed to the general public. Please invite your family and friends!
  • Guardians/adults may purchase entry only tickets, but anyone riding rides must purchase a $15 wristband.
  • Pre-order wristbands by Friday, May 4 or purchase at the gate the night of the event until 8:30 pm. 

Pre-Order your wristbands and tickets to avoid the lines!
PROMOvidBe Part of the LFNO Promo Video!


Parent volunteers needed! LFNO and Elephant Quilt are producing a new promotional video for our school, and we are looking for a few parent volunteers who could commit to coming in on May 17th to speak about what makes Lycee special.

 Please fill out this FORM if you are interested in participating. More details will be sent via email for those who sign up. Three volunteers will be randomly selected from the list.

Youth Rugby Gold Game
WHEN: Saturday, May 12 at 11:30 AM
WHERE: Arch Bishop Shaw, 1000 Salesain Ln, Marerro LA 70072
WHAT: W Youth players are invited to be part of  history as player escorts and walk out with professional players of the NOLA Gold and Seattle SeaWolves at this first ever Major League Rugby game! There will be a chance to show off rugby skills when the youth players take the field during the halftime show to play an exhibition match.
COST: $20 includes entry for 2 adults in the Family End Zone. Kids under 12 Free.
WHO: All boys and girls youth rugby

Good Exercise for a Good Cause
WHERE: Audubon Park - 2 laps around the paved path.
WHEN: May 19
TIME: 9:00 AM 
COST: $25 - Kids. $50 - Adults

WHAT: 6K Walk for Water, led by the World Vision Organization.  Six kilometers is the average distance women and children walk in Africa to fetch (unhealthy) drinking water every day. World Vision goes into the world's most impoverished communities and helps the locals create infrastructure for drinking water. This NGO is extremely effective in getting the work done.

calendarMark your calendar...  
  • Mind Steppers 5th Annual Competition: Friday, May 18 at 5:30 PM (see details above)
  • Memorial Day is a school day.
  • Last Day of School for Students: Wednesday, May 30 
  • Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony: Wednesday, May 30. 11:00 AM at St. Francis of Asisi Church.
This is NOT a complete list of school events. 

Did you know? 

Students at LFNO Johnson campus participated in the Green Schools Challenge. They learned about sustainable gardening practices from our neighbor Okra Abbey, at Grow Dat farms in the classroom.  Students have designed raised garden beds to install in the playground, and are in the process of making this garden dream a reality.

By using refillable water bottles, our staff and students have saved a total of  80,876  plastic bottles from the landfill.
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