le 6 Septembre, 2018
Transportation Updates
Families utilizing the bus service, can adjust their child(ren)’s bus schedule via the link below. Please be aware that all requests must be received no later than 12:00pm the day of the requested change . If the request is not submitted by noon, please be prepared to receive your child based on his/her current schedule. SCHEDULE CHANGE FORM
New bus routes will be posted tomorrow, Friday, September 7th .
Enrichment (PreK-5th) registration opens this weekend! The f irst round of registration opens at 10am, Saturday September 8th and closes at 11:59pm, Tuesday September 11th.

The second round of registration will open at 6:30pm, Wednesday September 12th and closes at 11:59pm Thursday, September 13th.

Please double check catalogs before you register as some program offerings have changed.

Middle School Competitive Academic team registration is still open and has been extended until 11:59pm, Wednesday September 12th. Registration will occur through the Camp Brain system*: https://lfno.campbrainregistration.com/ .

*Our external providers (Soccer Shots, Bricks For Kidz) have their own registration links (open now!): Click here! (Soccer Shots), Click here! (Bricks For Kidz)

More information can be found here: http://www.lfno.org/afterschool-enrichment/ .

Questions? Please email enrichment@lfno.org .
Extended Day Programs News:
In order to provide the most successful and quality programming for our students, some program offerings for Fall 2018 enrichment will be changing. As a result, Enrichment will be pushed back and will begin the week of September 17th . Enrichment will still last 10 weeks and now end the week of December 3rd . We will notify families when updated catalogs are posted. We apologize for any and all inconvenience. Registration will be pushed back to 10:00am, Saturday September 8th

Competitive Academic Teams will start as planned the week of September 10th and registration will open at 9:00am, Sunday September 2nd . Registration will occur through the Camp Brain system: https://lfno.campbrainregistration.com/ .

More information can be found here: http://www.lfno.org/afterschool-enrichment/ .
Questions? Please email enrichment@lfno.org .
Dad’s Club Upcoming Events:

First Dads Club Social Gathering of 2018-2019 -
The LFNO Dads Club will host our first general meeting of the year and annual Steak Night on Wednesday, September 12th at 7pm at the Patton Campus. As always, we'll fire up the grill, welcome old and new friends, enjoy a few cold drinks, and talk about our plans for the year.
La Liaison PTO News
The PTO is working on the 2018-2019 Student Directory. The directory will include the student’s first and last name and the guardian/parent contact name, phone number, email address that were listed during school registration (up to 2). Should you not wish to be included, please email pto@lfno.org with the child’s name, teacher, grade and guardian/parent info.
Thank you everyone who came out to the 1 st PTO General Meeting on Tuesday, August 21. It was a great turnout and the meeting minutes can be found on the school website, http://www.lfno.org/la-liaison-pto/
We look forward to seeing you at the next PTO General Meeting at the Johnson Campus, Saturday October 20, 10 AM – 12 PM.
Box Tops Program
This year we are trying to make a really big push for the box tops and community coffee labels fundraisers school wide. Box tops are little pink labels that can be found on a variety of different foods and household items and each box top label has a value of 10 cents. When these box tops are turned in, they represent cash donated back to our school.

Other schools our size are raising about $6,000.00 a year from box tops. We raised about $550 last year due to the efforts of parent Darren Beltz. We are trying to give him a big hand this year!

To assist with collecting, we are having a contest that every class will participate in. Each class will have a central spot for turning in box tops and keeping count. Specific collection information will be received through room parents and class coordinators. Classes that turn in 1,500 box tops will receive a popsicle party or hot chocolate party (depending on weather). The class with the most box tops will receive a popcorn movie party at the Patton campus and a pizza party at the Johnson campus.

There will be two collection dates, November 1, and April 1. Box tops can be sent in however any time after September 1.
Box tops can be found on tons of products that are used on a daily basis: https://www.boxtops4education.com/earn/participating-products

Community Coffee Cash for Schools is a similar program, collecting “Proofs of Purchase” from Community products (coffee, tea, sugar, creamer, etc.). These labels will be collected the same way as the box tops and their value is also 10 cents per “Proof of Purchase”.
Get your friends and family to collect box tops with you and keep an eye out for Community Coffee labels at your workplace. What can we do for our school with $6,000.00?
Drop Off by Foot
Parents who choose to park and walk to drop off/pick up a child/children are requested to:
  1. Park legally. Never block any driveways or park near street corners.
  2. Enter through the State Street gate only. The State Street gate is the drop off location for all pedestrians.
  3. Please do not enter from Constance Street or Patton Street.
  4. Parents who walk their children to school may escort them to the State Street entrance where duty personnel will supervise children as they walk to their classrooms.
  5. If the child is tardy (arriving after 8:30 AM), the parent/guardian must accompany the child to the Patton Street entrance.

Carpool Flow
The carpool line begins at the Constance Street gate. Students names will be called and children escorted for boarding vehicles in the schoolyard. Parents are asked to refrain from lining up for carpool before 4:05. This practice will maintain neighborly rapport and prevent traffic back-ups.

The placard should be visibly displayed on the driver’s side dashboard. Do not enter the carpool line from Magazine St. onto Nashville or Eleonore Street to Constance. Following this practice will ensure that no traffic ever backs up onto Nashville to Magazine Street. Parents are expected to be courteous and follow the protocol.
Asbestos Disclaimer
In accordance with AHERA, Asbestos Hazardous Emergency Response Act, a Management Plan has been prepared for each campus and approved by the State Department of Environmental Quality, DEQ. This management plan is available for review in the Principal's Office (for Patton building) and in the Director of Facilities Office (Johnson building) during school hours. A copy of the plan will be made available at the cost of $25.00 (which covers the cost of reproduction).
Please keep an eye out for next week’s Etre, where there will be updates on a new procedure for parents picking up on foot, to begin September 17th.  
Johnson Security Brief from Officer Derek

Good news for carpool drivers! In the morning for carpool , we are now unloading students on Cohn St. while the buses are on Monroe St. Carpool staff will be on Cohn St to receive your students and safely chaperone them to the Cohn St. intake door. The Traffic Detail will be directing carpool traffic to go straight on Cohn St. and to not turn right on Monroe St. while the buses are still on campus. The reason for this is to prevent vehicle accidents with the buses as they often reverse to leave campus. Once the buses have departed Monroe St. (around 8 am) the Traffic Detail will then direct carpool traffic to turn onto Monroe St. moving the carpool line back to where it normally is. This is all to keep drop off smooth and fast while also keeping everyone safe from potential harm & accidents.

A few safety reminders for daily arrival and dismissal:

  • Please do not use your mobile devices while driving - this is illegal and very dangerous during carpool, in a school zone, and all the time.
  • Monroe St. is a one way street between Cohn St. and Hickory St. from 7-9 a.m. and 2:30-4:30 p.m. to allow for a smooth and safe arrival and dismissal.
  • Monroe St, directly in front of the building, is a 15 minute parking area at all times. Please park on other surrounding streets for anything that may take more than 15 minutes.
  • From time to time NOPD or OPSD Traffic Officers will monitor traffic and issue tickets for illegal vehicle activity around the school. Let’s practice vehicular safety all the time.
  • Please do not park blocking or obstructing driveways or rights of way. Please help us in being good neighbors in the Leonidas neighborhood!

If at any time you have any concerns or safety issues please feel free to contact any member of the LFNO Johnson Campus Security Team. This invitation also goes out to the LFNO Patton Campus as we are all family! Once again, “Thank you”.

Derek Griffin
Security Officer, supervisor
LFNO Johnson Campus Security

Mark Your Calendar

  • PTO Skate Night: Skate Country West Bank,  September 20,  6 PM – 9 PM
  • PTO Nacho Mama’s Restaurant Day: September 25
  • Fall Break - No School. From Monday, October 8th - Friday, October 12th.
  • School Resumes - Monday, October 15th.
  • PTO General Meeting - Saturday, October 20 at Johnson Campus, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Staff Professional Development - No School for Students. Thursday & Friday,September 20-21.

This is NOT a complete list of school events.
Community Resources
Read all community resource entries HERE.

Contents include:
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Free Tutoring: The After-School Newcomb Tutoring (ANT) Program
4-6th Grader Fundraisers for Space/Robotics Camp
Be a Girl in STEM at Tulane!
Cub Scout Pack 48: 1​ st​ – 5 th​ Graders,
Registration closing for STEM SATURDAY

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