le 9 fevrier, 2020
 Johnson Edition
February 14: Valentine's Day Guidance
A courtesy reminder that students are allowed to bring Valentine's Day cards, however they must distribute one to  ALL  classmates. There will be no Valentine's Day party and no candy or treats will be exchanged. Mardi Gras Fête, however, is the following week! We hope to see you at the class parties and parade.
Science Fair Update
The science fair is fast approaching on March 19 from 4:30 -6:30pm. The students participating are 7th, 8th and 9th graders . Parents and students of other grade levels are encouraged to attend. We still need judges, and if you would like to volunteer, please reach out to Ms. Sam our STEM Coordinator at skreuscher@lfno.org . Our students' next project deadline is Thursday Feb 13.  The rubric/checklist can be found here [click link]. Science Fair updates can also be found on our website here [click link]. Ms. Sam, Mme. Priscille, and M. Benjamin have been working with our students one class a week since October on this assignment in order to ensure our students are successful. We are excited to have a phenomenal first Science Fair at Lycee, so be sure to SAVE THE DATE!
End of Term 2
Report Card Conferences will be February 20th, from 8 am - 3 pm. Parents can sign up for conference slots via Sign-up Genius. Students are encouraged, but not required to attend, particularly in the upper grades. There is no school for students on report card conference day leading into Mardi Gras Break.
Bake Sale for TREE
In efforts to help raise funds for the priceless experience, yet costly TREE field trip, a bake sale will be held Friday, February 14th at the Johnson Campus at dismissal in honor of our 4th graders. There will be volunteers in the carpool room, in the carpool line, and outside in the front of the school. Everything will cost one dollar.
Please have your child bring some extra dollars to help raise funds for TREE!
Career Speakers Needed
As a part of the high school Thinking Beyond the Classroom, the 9th graders are exploring a variety of career paths, both on field trips as well as in school experiences. Please consider being a guest speaker about your chosen career path as we would like to celebrate a wide variety of vocations. This is open to all parents in the school . Here is a letter to learn more and a survey to sign up!
Mardi Gras Fête
  • Class parties will take place on Wednesday, February 19th at the end of the school day.

  • Students can wear Mardi Gras shirts or shirts in purple/green/gold with uniform bottoms to school on that day.

  • If you would like your child to not participate in the fête please notify their teacher and send their name to Sarah Franz by February 17th so we can plan alternative supervised activities.

  • No After Care or Enrichment for students that day due to parades in the city.

  • In keeping with the LFNO commitment to healthy eating and students focused on learning, we cannot host daily king cake celebrations. Please do not send king cakes to school before Wednesday, February 19.
Black History Month
Johnson will focus on historical and modern Black leadership in its many forms in our New Orleans community. Through the theme: Local Hero Series: Celebrating Contemporary Black Changemakers, students will learn about and interact directly with Black community leaders from many sectors . If you would like to be a guest speaker or know someone who would be a great fit for this experience, please reach out to Principal Chana at cbenenson@lfno.org .

In addition to classroom studies, guest speakers, and field trips, the 9th graders are putting on a Black History Month play for the middle school students. Here is a brief summary: What do Josephine Baker, Miles Davis, James Baldwin, and some African American World War I and II soldiers have in common? They all left the USA to try to find a better existence in France. This play explores such characters’ exploration of the artistic side of Paris where they experienced freedom and gratitude they didn't receive in their own country. This original play, written in French, by the 9 grade students, is a tribute to the deep links between France and the USA, due to the shared ideas of freedom and justice for all.
  • Spirit Week for ALL of Johnson Campus, free of charge, the week of March 16-20, 2020.

  • Spring Fling Dance for Middle and High School on Friday, March 20, 2020 - details coming soon!
Thinking Outside the Classroom - upcoming dates
  • Madame Audrey’s class - January 23 - March 19th

  • Madame Florance’s class - February 10-11 & 13-14 & 17

Field Trips - upcoming dates
  • Louisiana Philharmonic - all Upper Elementary (3rd-5th grade) - February 12th 
Thinking Outside the Classroom - upcoming dates

Middle School TOC
  • 8th graders have an upcoming TOC experience on February 12th
  • 7th graders have TOC experiences on February 13th & 14th

Detailed informational sheets have been emailed and sent home with all students regarding the middle school TOC focuses and experiences.
Middle/High School Trimester 2 Final Exams
Students who receive testing accommodations such as small group and extended time will take their exams during their regularly scheduled time listed on the schedule in a small group testing room. Please reach out to Vincent Wiemann or Mandi Lehnherr with questions: vwiemann@lfno.org and mlehnherr@lfno.org .
The Krewe of VIPs
The Krewe of VIPs is hosted each year right on St. Charles Avenue. Mardi Gras is said to be “The Greatest Free Show on Earth”. Nevertheless, the complexities of navigating Mardi Gras parade logistics and crowds make this ‘free show’ difficult if not impossible for children with disabilities and their families to enjoy. VIP Balcony is an accessible balcony at Touro Synagogue built for and provided free of charge to children (and sometimes adults) with disabilities and their families in the New Orleans community during some Mardi Gras parades. Food, entertainment, and friendship are a part of these extraordinary parade experiences. During the seven years since they started this program, roughly 250-300 children with disabilities and their families have been able to experience Mardi Gras because of the program. For more information or to sign up to help please contact Hal Shepard a t hal@taylor-seidenbach.com or Juan Gershanik at jgershanik@aol.com . To reserve a spot for a child (or adult) with disabilities, please call Juan Gershanik at (504) 896-2229 or (504) 377-1162.
The Jefferson Parish Recreation Department (JPRD) is offering a number of classes and camps for individuals with disabilities this spring including a Mardi Gras holiday camp. Distribute this to families who may be interested. You can find the flyer here .
Winter Athletics: 
Athletics Gear:
Spirit shirts for tennis, basketball and soccer are available at the Johnson Campus! If you are interested in purchasing a shirt for $15, please email enrichment@lfno.org and use the subject line “Soccer Spirit T-Shirt” or “Basketball Spirit T-Shirt”. Mary-Devon and Ted will be coordinating payment and distribution!

Baseball and Softball Skill Building: 
Due to the significant positive response from parents in our baseball and softball interest survey, we will be gradually integrating these new sports into the LNFO Athletics program. 

We are thrilled to have an enthusiastic and qualified coach, who is also the president of Little League of New Orleans, Gary Ptak. As this is our inaugural experience with these sports, this spring Gary will work with participating student athletes on developing foundational baseball and softball skills instead of fielding a full blown team. We will be working on securing facilities for the teams for the 2020-2021 school year.

While this is an athletic offering to 5th-9th grade students, it is not a league sport thus the cost will be $50 per student, in place of the $100 for league sports. Fee discounts apply. Practices will begin in February 17th. Students must complete a consent form for baseball, which you can download here: https://www.lfno.org/athletics-2/

While Lycée’s soccer season is over, we are still offering intramural soccer in the same location that soccer was taking place all season, at the field in front of Audubon Zoo. Mathieu Kulacs is the coach. All 5th-8th students are welcome to attend and build their soccer skills for try outs next season! The intramural season will extend through March. Intramurals are from 4:25 PM-5:45 PM on Monday and Thursday afternoons.

Important: In order for students to participate in any athletics activities (including try-outs), the following forms must be filled out and emailed to enrichment@lfno.org or turned into Ted Orphan, Extended Day Site Manager. 

There will be no aftercare or after school activities on Wednesday, February 19th. Please pickup students during carpool, or make transportation arrangements.
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