le 9 fevrier, 2020
Krewe du Lycée
This year’s Krewe Du Lycée will roll on February 12th at 1:30pm. Each class will be working on a class/grade level theme. Room parents will be contacting class parents for assistance with class costumes.

We understand that not all families celebrate Mardi Gras. Engaging, enjoyable activities will be provided for students opting out of Mardi Gras activities. Please notify your child(ren)'s teacher and Ms. Katie by February 7th   if your child(ren) will not participate.
Parade Route
The students will start on Patton, turn left on Eleonore St., left on Constance St., left on State and return to Patton. The parade will begin promptly at 1:30 PM and is expected to be over at 2:15 PM .
King Cake Ceremony
The kids will enjoy their King Cakes BEFORE the parade to ensure pick up AFTER the parade runs more smoothly. We are asking parents/guardians to donate king cakes for this celebration. If you are donating a King Cake to the class you must bring it in, LABELED with your child's teacher's name on Wednesday, February 12th at School AM Drop Off. Staff members will receive the cakes from you during the AM Drop Off.
Pick Up Procedures
At the conclusion of the parade all classes (students only) will return to their classrooms to pack and get ready for dismissal. After approximately 10 minutes, parents will be allowed to enter the building and go directly to classrooms to pick up their child(ren). Every parent must sign his or her child out on forms provided by teachers . Once a parent signs their child out, the teacher will place a stamp on the hand of the child to indicate that the child has been properly checked out. Staff members will be posted at the exits to make certain all students have been properly checked out prior to leaving the building.

While dismissal will occur following the parade, regular (Wednesday) dismissal will take place at 3:05pm for parents who have not picked up their child(ren) at the end of the parade.
Carpool Reminders: Morning Arrival
  • Parents are to remain in cars at all times. 
  • Students should be ready to exit the vehicle quickly. 
  • Give kisses and au revoirs before the unloading zone. 
  • For safety reasons, please do not permit your child(ren) to exit vehicles before the designated unloading zone(orange cones). Staff will help unload students in the unloading zone and direct them to the building.
  • DO NOT PULL OUT AROUND THE CAR IN FRONT OF YOU. (This may take an extra minute, but it is the absolute safest procedure to follow.)
February 14: Valentine's Day Guidance
Students are allowed to bring Valentine's Day cards/treats, only if cards/treats are distributed to ALL classmates . Please encourage parents/guardians to provide healthy snacks/ treats for this day and limit the amount of sweet treats.
Rainy Morning Arrival
On days when inclement weather occurs during arrival, all cars should pull forward through the carpool driveway. Staff members will help unload students under the carpool canopy and direct students through PreK classrooms into the building.  

Lost and Found
Attention Patton Families: Please come claim your students’ items at the lost and found! There are dozens of coats, sweatshirts, lunchboxes, and water bottles currently in the Kindergarten hallway.
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