April 2016
Meet the 2016 Good Apple Award Honorees

On April 20, we will gather to celebrate collaboration, honor outstanding volunteers, and raise the funds needed to fuel Georgia Appleseed's justice efforts throughout Georgia. Online tickets are still available, but only through April 15.

Good Apple Awards are April 20th!

If you do not yet have your ticket, they will be available online only until
Friday, April 15th.

Cobb County's Sharon Hill (left) with Georgia Appleseed's Sharon Hill (right) at the Hiram meeting.
Race, Law Enforcement, and the Law: Community Conversations

On April 9th, we were honored to lead another community conversation-- this time in
Hiram, GA. Hosted by the Hiram Police Department, we engaged in some great conversation with local residents.

Why are these conversations so important? Here are just a few of the actual statements made during the Hiram meeting that illustrate the need for these crucial conversations:
  • "Police are the most visible part of the law enforcement."
  • "Media play the worst part of an encounter. Police are afraid of the media and misrepresentation."
  • "We need to address mindsets of people. We need to approach policing as public servants accountable to the public."
  • "I have to tell my sons to behave differently when interacting with the police than someone else who does not experience racial bias."
  • "We need to have these kind of dialogues all the time."

Thank you to The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta for its financial support of the Race, Law Enforcement, & The Law Community Project
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