June 2021 newsletter
We reached half of 2021 already. This month we have exciting news to share with you.

President Twelker writes on the importance of the collaboration between optometrists and ophthalmologists to deliver optimal care to our patients in the occasion of Cataract Awareness Month, we highlight the awareness raising campaign of VOSH-OR on fireworks and safety, a summary of the first session of the midyear meeting and an invitation to register to the second session, the announcement of an interesting grant scheme by Plenoptika and much more.
President's Insights
June is Cataract Awareness Month. President Twelker outlines the way different types of cataracts affect people and emphasizes the need for optometrists and ophthalmologists to work together to offer optimal care to patients suffering from cataracts. Read the whole article here.
World Health Assembly agrees new global targets for eye health
At the recent 74th World Health Assembly, the World Health Organization (WHO) adopted new ambitious global eye health targets for 2030. To address the huge unmet need in eye care, all countries have committed to:
-40% increase in effective coverage of refractive error by 2030
-30% increase in effective coverage of cataract surgery by 2030
The targets cement the WHO's global strategy on vision set out in its ‘World report on vision’ and the World Health Assembly resolution on eye health adopted last year. Read more here
Register for Session 2 of our Midyear Meeting
Last Saturday June 19th we held the first session of our midyear meeting. Over 180 people registered with an average of 70 people in each session. It was very inspiring to hear from the experiences from our chapters in Mexico (Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, Universidad Autónoma de la Laguna, VOSH-AZ, VOSH-OH), in Nicaragua (Universidad Autónoma de Nicaragua, VOSH-CT, Fundación Cuido del Ojo/VOSH-CA) and invited guests: Latin American Association of Optometry and Optics-ALDOO’s President- Efrain Castellanos, OD, Consejo Optometria Mexico, Founder and Director, Abraham Bromberg,OD and Colombian Universidad de La Salle Professor Myriam Mayorga. 

Join us for the second session of this meeting to be held on Sunday 27th June. Find the program of the day here and registration link here. See you on Sunday.
Fireworks and eye injuries
VOSH-Oregon as part of the Oregon Vision Coalition has produced an awareness raising brochure on firework safety. Every year whether at home or by attending professional displays, thousands of people get seriously injured. Prevent Blindness has declared June 28-July 4, 2021 as Fireworks Safety Awareness Week, to help educate the public on the dangers of fireworks. Congratulations VOSH-Oregon for this important initiative. You can download the brochure here. 
Interesting Report: Gender and leadership in the Global health workforce
The WHO, the Global Health Workforce Network and Women in Global Health launched a policy action report entitled CLOSING THE LEADERSHIP GAP: GENDER EQUITY AND LEADERSHIP IN THE GLOBAL HEALTH AND CARE WORKFORCE. The Report highlights the fact that women comprise almost 70% of health and social care workers globally and yet it is estimated that they hold only around 25% of leadership roles in health. This paper examines the paradox of why so few women are leaders in a majority female profession and explores actions that can be taken to redress this gender imbalance which impacts on health security and health and care delivery for all. How does this translate in the eye health sector? You can download the full report here
Prevent Blindness Focus on Eye Health National Summit
On July 14-15, 2021, Prevent Blindness will host the 10th annual Focus on Eye Health National Summit as a virtual event. This event generates the (US) national dialogue among diverse stakeholder groups around vision and significant population health issues. An exciting Summit agenda has been planned for the two-day event under the theme “Our changing Vision”. Find more details and register for this free event here
QuickSee Grant Program for US-based non-profit organizations
PlenOptika is excited to announce the new QuickSee Grant Program for mission- and faith-based organizations providing vision care in their communities and abroad. Ten individual grants for independent US-based 501(c)(3) organizations that deliver eye care services to underserved and marginalized communities worth $1,500 applicable to the purchase of a QuickSee handheld wavefront autorefractor are offered. Learn more and apply here
Is PPE fit for your purpose?
One of the many gender inequities in the health and care workforce that COVID-19 has exposed is around the fit and design of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Even though most health workers are women, manufacturing specifications for medical PPE are usually drawn up based on the male body; for example, surgical masks may be too large to fit women's faces, increasing their risk of infection. The survey is available in English, Spanish and French and closes on July 2nd. Women optometrists participate and add your views to this global debate. The survey is available here