September 2020
Calling All Donors
You love the Lawn Party fundraiser. It's something you look forward to each year. The food, the dancing, the energy and the beautiful venue all combine to make the Lawn Party the place to be for those in the know. We were crushed when we had to cancel the event which has taken place the third weekend in May, for the past 14 years. We missed all the fun, but more than that, frankly we miss the revenue the event generates. Our Lawn Party guests and auction item donors give more than $200,000 each year. This single event accounts for 1/3rd of our annual budget to provide programs and activities for children and adults with autism in our community.

We need everyone who loves the Lawn Party and cares about the people FACT serves to join us virtually on October 3rd at
Here's how it works:
  1. purchase a $50 raffle ticket to win the Cook's Night Off package of $1,000 worth of restaurant gift cards for take-out or delivery
  2. Your raffle ticket purchase gets you access to our live virtual event October 3rd at 7:00 pm
  3. Log in to the virtual event site beginning September 21st to bid on silent auction items
  4. Enjoy the live streaming virtual event on October 3rd, which will include live and silent auctions, music from Strictly Bizzness, a mixology demonstration, the Cook's Night Off raffle drawing, and a Diamonds Direct Raffle
  5. If you'd like to sponsor the event by hosting a viewing party with your "quaranteam" contact Sharon Slipow (757) 717-9287 or

Your generosity and participation fuel our mission to serve families with autism. You make the difference, so join us and purchase your ticket NOW!
Kickball, Kayaking, and Crafts...Oh My!
In person programs are back.
One of the greatest detriments of the pandemic has been the negative impact on our ability to socialize. Social isolation and lack of routine have impacted our friends with autism as much or more than neuro-typical children. FACT is committed to offering social and recreational programs that serve individuals of all ages and ability levels.

Unfortunately, our budget has been significantly compromised by the pandemic. To focus our efforts on programs and activities that have the greatest appeal and therefore the greatest impact, we conducted a survey. The results clearly indicated that families with autism want small, safe, in person programs.

During this summer’s Camp Gonnawannagoagin’, we established protocols and policies to ensure everyone’s safety. This Fall, FACT is excited to offer kickball, bowling, holiday crafting, kayaking, social programs for teens and adults, and outdoor family movie nights and nature walks. Click the button below for a complete list of Fall programs
Gotta Love this Kid- Brady M.
You may remember Brady from the video of him cable-tubing during
Camp Gonnawannagoagin'. Here's the video we shot of him after his epic ride. It's obvious why he's a kid you gotta love.