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Introducing SymmetryHIRETM

Do you have the time to properly recruit, interview, hire, update your careers page and hire? Not a lot of businesses do. So, we’ve created SymmetryHIRE to support your recruiting and hiring function. We’re not headhunters. Instead, we’ve developed a unique process that takes the mundane parts of posting jobs, reviewing resumes, and screening applicants. All at a fraction of the cost of that headhunter.

Find out more about how SymmetryHIRE can help you save time, money and stress.

After all, hiring is the most important thing any leader can do.

The Pros & Cons of Employee Boomerangs

We don’t have a single client that doesn’t have a hiring or retention issue right now. EVERYONE is desperate to find and retain employees.

One possible solution is boomerangs – former employees who are interested in returning.

In his latest blog, Eric Swenson, our CEO discusses the pros and cons of rehiring former employees.

The Pros & Cons of Employee Boomerangs

The #1 Key to Understanding Today’s Workforce

Eric’s most recent speeches have been focusing on employee retention. It’s obviously the #1 issue in the workforce after COVID. Here’s an excerpt:

From where I stand, there’s no more compelling issue for any organization this year than paying people competitively.

You can have the best culture, provide all the perks, benefits, recognition, flex work opportunities in the world, but if people don’t think they’re paid competitively, they’re going to leave.

Your mission only goes so far when recruiting and retaining employees. Eventually, people need to pay their bills.“

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