Aspen Introduces New MMIC Amplifiers from Guerrilla RF

RF & Microwave MMIC amplifier specialist Guerrilla RF has released their latest Short Form Catalogue offering high performance IC products for a wide range of infrastructure and general market applications from 0.05MHz to 13GHz.

Guerrilla RF specialises in MMIC amplifiers for: 
  • Wireless Backhaul.
  • Cellular Repeaters & Boosters.
  • Enterprise/Carrier-Class Wi-Fi Access Points.
  • Small Cells.
  • Base Stations/DAS.
  • Test Equipment/Instrumentation.
  • Military Communications/GPS.

The products are developed using the patented Guerrilla Armor Technology that prevents amplifiers from turning on in the presence of large RF input signals.  This leads to exceptional isolation and has minimal impact to on-state performance.

Broadband Gain Block with Low NF 

The  GRF2004 from  Guerrilla RF is a broadband low noise linear gain block, internally matched to 50 ohms, offering good linearity and gain flatness over 0.05-10.0GHz. The gain block can be operated over a range of supply voltages from 2.7-5.5V with a typical Iddq range of 50-120mA for optimal efficiency and linearity.
  • Bandwidth: 0.05-10.0GHz.
  • Gain: 19.5dB @2.0GHz.
  • Gain: 10.2dB @ 10.0GHz.
  • OP1dB: +19.7dBm @2.0GHz.
  • OP1dB: +11dBm@10.0GHz.
  • OIP3: +33.0dBm@2.0GHz.
  • Flexible Bias Voltage and Current.
  • 1.5mm x 1.5mm DFN-6 Package.

Low Noise Amplifier with Bypass & Guerrilla Armor

Guerrilla RF Releases a New Broadband, Low Noise Linear Amplifier with Integrated Bypass and High Off-state Isolation. The GRF4042 provides sub 1.0 dB noise figure, excellent linearity, adjustable current, low-loss bypass and Guerrilla Armor™. With integrated DC blocking caps on the RF input/output and internal pre-matching to 50ohms, the device typically requires little or no external matching.
  • 0.7-2.7GHz (Single Tune).
  • Bypass + Guerrilla Armor™.
  • NF: 0.85dB @ 1.9GHz.
  • Gain: 16.2dB @1.9GHz.
  • Bypass Gain: -2dB@1.9GHz.
  • OP1dB: +20.6dBm@1.9GHz.
  • Flexible Bias Voltage and Current.
  • Internally Matched to 50Ω.
  • 2.0mm x 2.0mm QFN-12 Package.
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