0-300 BEST GAME in TOWN!
MONDAY, AUGUST 16 Join Laura & Susan for a "Bit(e) of Bridge" at 10 am followed by a game at 10:30. We will meet Face to Face at CBC renewing old friendships and making new ones at the bridge table. Haven't played in awhile? That's OK! Laura and Susan are dusting off their teaching & directing hats. Let's all work together to get back into the swing of it!
And remember:
"it's always more fun to bring a friend"!


CONGRATULATIONS to Last Week's First Place Pair:
Doug Rice & Charles Williams

SUPERVISED PLAY returns on Tuesday, August 17th (1st & 3rd Tuesdays)at 6:00 pm. Join Mike Bitonti for a short lesson followed by mentored play at 6:30. No masterpoints are awarded but you can ask all the questions you want! $5 for lesson/game or $3 for the game.
SUNDAYS! No Partner Needed! What a great place to make friends and find partners. August 22 come at 12:30 pm for a FREE Mini Lesson followed by an Open Pairs Game @1:30. You will play 2 boards with a partner and then play 2 boards with ANOTHER partner and so goes the game. STANDARD BIDDING means no "fancy stuff".
A Good Game to play with a more advanced partner and perhaps pick up a few pointers! Partnerships are intended to be comprised of one player with <500 mps and one player with >500 mps.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 17 - 1:05 pm - BBO

RED POINTS are available this week at CBC in NAP open pairs games both online (BBO) and F2F. Monday, Thursday (BBO)at 1:05 pm. Wednesday, Friday (F2F) at 12:30 pm and Saturday (F2F) @9:30 am. 0-300 side games are also offered. Please check calendar by clicking here.