HELLO! to our newest members:
Randy Cannon, Barry Palm
Christina Jillard & William Jillard

We appreciate everyone who supported CBC with their membership 2020-21. Dues for 2021-22 are still only $20 and may be mailed to CBC, 77 Brighton Hill Road, Cola, 29223, or give to director.
Yes! CBC will hold an INDIVIDUAL GAME on Sunday, July 4th at 1:30 pm. A FREE LESSON precedes the game at 12:30 pm! No Partner Needed!
0-300 Games are offered on Mondays and Wednesdays (BBO/virtual)at 12:55 pm. Note: See below for Wednesday games in July. Friday Games continue to be F2F @CBC at 12:30 pm.
WEDNESDAY, July 7: F2F games, 0-300 and Open Pairs, will be offered at 12:30 pm. These replace the 12:55/1:05 pm games on BBO.

SATURDAY, July 17: F2F game returns at a new time - 9:30 AM. Try out this morning game - great way to start the day and frees up the afternoon!


The 0-300 Game with Laura and Susan is returning on August 9 on a new day (Monday) and time (10:00 am). Join them for a mini lesson, followed by an 18 board game. 

Supervised Play, with Mike Bitonti, will be returning on Tuesday, August 17. There will be a short lesson at 6:00 pm followed by play. You do not need a partner for this game. No masterpoints are awarded in this game, but you can ask all the questions you want!
LOTS GOING ON at Columbia Bridge Club! For now, the CBC plans to offer both f2f and virtual club games and will adjust the schedule in the future as the needs of our members dictate. Come join us on either format - we've saved a seat for you!

Don't see a game or convenient time for you? Games are offered up to 4x's a day with the SE Consortium. CLICK here to view the calendar. You can also play in ACBL 'support your club games' or "99'r Nite Club East" each night at 7 pm. Let us know if we can help!