Laura & Susan always look forward to seeing you on Monday mornings at THE CLUB! We enjoy a Lesson by Laura at 10 am and a game at 10:30.

What does a Monday morning game look like? If we have 3 tables we will have a game that pays masterpoints. If we have less than 3 tables we will still play, learn, socialize a bit and have fun! Monday mornings at The Club are a Win - Win for all of us. Please consider joining us this Monday. No registration is necessary and there is no charge if we are unable to run a sanctioned game.

COME AS YOU ARE and ... Let's Play Bridge!

Jane Johnson 0-300 Pairs Game
Monday, October 4, 10:30 am
"Bit(e) of Bridge" at 10:00 am

And remember....
it's always more fun to bring a friend!

Sectional Master
TUESDAY, October 5 at 1:05
BBO - virtual

You and a partner with 500+ masterpoints

Great way to make a new friend, try a new game and learn a new Trick!
SPREAD the WORD! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! First Game is Wednesday, October 6 at 12:55 pm on BBO! I KNOW you have a favorite partner who is just over 300 mps. This is the perfect game to 'move on up'! Please preregister here. At last count, we have 3 tables already registered! You will not be merged into the open game. Check recent emails for info. Call Susan if you have a question. We are happy to help!