January 3, 2020
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Upcoming Events
Saturday, January 4
Event: Enriching Our Lives with Birds AEE Class Begins, 9 am

Sunday, January 5
Sunday Service: Rain Coming: Nurturing Our Purpose , Rev. Samantha Wilson,
1 pm
Event: Coffee Hour at Our New Home, 3235 W. Orange Grove Road, 2:30 pm

Sunday, January 12
Sunday Service: Rev. Samantha Wilson, 1 pm

Monday, January 13
Event: Exploring Taoism AEE Class Begins, 6:30 pm

Wednesday, January 15
Event: Wayfaring AEE Class Begins, Afternoon/Evening Sessions

Sunday, January 19
Sunday Service: Kimberly Waigwa, 1 pm
Spiritual Path
Classes and Workshops Starting this Month

Contribution requested per session: $5 members, $10 non-members
All classes are open to the public—invite your friends!
All classes meet in the Conference Room of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
For more information and to sign up, contact the facilitator. For complete class descriptions, Click  HERE.

Enriching Our Lives with Birds
Jan 4, 9 am – 12 pm
Jan 14 & 18, 8 am – 10 am Field Trips
Facilitators: Ray Deeney & Jim Gessaman
For More Information, contact Jim at  jim.gessaman@gmail.com

Exploring Taoism and the Taoist Healing Arts
Weekly Jan 13 – Feb 17 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Facilitators: Elizabeth Reed & Bill Casey
For More Information, contact Elizabeth at  reedeliz@gmail.com

Wayfaring Our Spiritual Journeys
Wednesdays, Jan 15 - Feb 19
Facilitator: Warren Reinecke
For More information, see article below, or contact Warren Reinecke at hohumrx@gmail.com

Good Grief! Dealing with the Inevitable
March 7, 10 am to noon; March 9, 1 pm to 3 pm
Facilitator: Michelle Vedus-Deeney, M.A., M.ED.

Brought to you by the new  Adult Education and Exploration Committee. AEE aims to coordinate a variety of adult education opportunities—both religious and nonreligious—such as classes, workshops, special presentations, and performances. Events are sponsored by MVUU and offered to members, friends and the wider community. If you have a special interest, knowledge, or expertise to share, contact  Chuck Tatum at   ctatum@email.arizona.edu.
Wayfaring Our Spiritual Journeys
Wednesdays, Jan 15 - Feb 19

Last year Barbara Gates inspired us with a reflection citing a Basho poem which mentioned  wayfaring . It prompted me to think further about what wayfaring means. I began to think about how we UU's each determine our own ways spiritually speaking. There are many religions which emphasize the idea of a  way.  
We UU's subscribe to the seven principles. How do we each go about  internalizing  and  living  them? If you could characterize your approach to living a principled life in just a few words, what would they be?   To draw upon the journey metaphor - Sojourner? Explorer? Wander-luster? Pilgrim? Adventurer?  
The common expression, spiritual journey, is reputed to offer us various life stages of spiritual development. Let's take a closer look at these themes and see how they square with our own recollections of development. I'm betting there are a host of personal stories and thoughts waiting to be shared among us. The spiritual path can often be steep and at times quite precarious, but the pace is often measured.  
CLICK HERE to sign up if you wish to join us in one of three small groups. We will meet on the following Wednesdays: Jan. 15, 22, 29, and Feb. 5, 12, 19 .The time slots are: 9-11 am, 2-4 pm and 7-9 pm . The daytime meetings are at the Reinecke's Casita in La Cholla Hills, the evening meetings are at Hobie Denny’s Casita, also in La Cholla Hills.  Contact Warren for further information: hohumrx@gmail.com.
Warren Reinecke
President's Message

Happy New Year to all in our Mountain Vista UU community! Our December joy carries us into this year!

Congratulations on our selection and purchase of a beautiful new home! Secondly, so many of you have spoken of your enthusiasm for our interim minister, Rev. Samantha. Yes, she is a joy, and it is a palpable energy we all feel when we all come together on Sundays.

Much remains for our building work and we ask for your patience with the renovation process. First, we start leveling the entrance and floor so that all can access MVUU easily. Then, the sanctuary walls need definition, a key to reaching county approval, and office spaces built. This is led by the Project Management Team with Architect Thomas Sayler-Brown and construction Manager Scott Chilcote. We hope to be in our new home by late spring, if all goes well.

An Ambiance Team will be formed by the Board to help with the décor of the building spaces. A separate article in this newsletter describes how that team will work. Please read it and consider if you can help in this way!

Your MVUU Board has been so helpful navigating the various contracts and details. Special thanks this month go to VP Pi Irwin and Trustee Ann Bowling, with Elizabeth Van Horn and the MVUU Band (Debbie Roberts, Andrew Clinard and Dan Oved) for a very special December 22 holiday party!

Anne Tatum, MVUU President
Ambiance Team Volunteers Invited
An Ambiance Team will be formed as a sub-group of the MVUU Board, which now seeks interested volunteers!

Your Board has worked with Rev. Samantha and the Project Management Team to organize the following format on decor for our building. PMT Chair Jane Paul will be in active interface with the Ambiance Team.

The Board will select 5 persons to form a core Ambiance Team and asks volunteers to send their names to b oard@mvuu.org   for consideration.

Criteria for members of the team include:

  • Commitment to attending a retreat with Rev. Samantha on February 8 or February 15 (Saturdays);
  • Persons who hold the whole MVUU program in mind;
  • Those willing to release their own ideas into the group process;
  • Those eager to collaborate without getting bogged down in the details;
  • And those who come from different places in the congregational life.

Volunteers outside the core group can advise and provide ideas to the team, who will address both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The PMT has responsibility for consulting with a colorist to determine the palette to be used. From that, the Ambiance Team will develop a color and style guide to help with the look and feel of our new home. The Board hopes that this guide can be completed before the March 19 Board meeting.

For questions contact  Anne Tatum , President at anne.tatum@mvuu.org.
Sunday, January 5, is the Day to see the building that is becoming Our New Home!
Join us at 3235 W Orange Grove Road immediately after church!

Stop by Mesquite Madness Table on January 5

The Catalog of Items, in a printable PDF format, is on our website HERE .

Three things are happening at the Table this Sunday:

Read, Print and Bring it  to the Auction on January 12. Only 35 paper copies will be available on Sunday January 5. Check your calendar and make a list so you are prepared to silently bid on January 12. 

Bidder Numbers are being assigned. Every Bidder must have one. If you register this Sunday, you won’t have to wait on January 12. You may also email jane.paul@mvuu.org to request a Bidder Number.  

Let us know by January 5 if you need free childcare during the auction. If no one asks for it, no sitter will be provided.

If you cannot attend the auction on January 12 after the Service, get a Bidder number, then ask a friend to bid for you so you don’t miss out. Just give your proxy bidder clear instructions.

General Instructions for the Auction

DIFFERENT: The Bid Sheets will be on the tables in Item Number Order. This will make it easier to find the Bid Sheets you want. Gift Card Bid Sheets will be grouped together at the last table(s).

WATCH what you Bid for: Take home your Pies, Tickets, Gift Cards and other things you won that day. You must sign for your item before you take it, otherwise we have to deliver it to you.

No payments are accepted at the auction . Winners for events with multiple seats are determined after the auction is over. You will receive a Bidder Statement within a week that lists what you won. Donors will also receive a Donor Statement showing who won your item(s).

Mesquite Madness is looking to be a big success this year due to all your great donations!  We couldn’t do it without you.   

Mesquite Madness Core Team
Deena Gentle, Bonnie Grant Baird, Paula Lipsitz, Susan Neely, and Jane Paul
MUSEUM TOUR for MVUU Members and Guests
The Western Sublime is the current main exhibit at the Tucson Museum of Art through January. 
MVUU member and TMA docent Elizabeth Van Horn will enjoy sharing with you not just the landscapes of the mid-1800's artists and photographers, but journey with you to discover how the sacred space of the Tucson Basin is viewed today by contemporary Tohono O’odham people.

Notably, this exhibit is showcasing mostly contemporary Indigenous artists’ perspectives of their relationship to their ancestral lands in unique and personal ways. Some pieces invite looking back over the years to see how the western land has fared under the ownership of a culture that has not shared the indigenous people’s view of the interconnectedness of the land, the animals, rivers and mankind.
There are 4 spaces left for this tour. Museum group admission rate is $10 for nonmember seniors and adults (museum members are free) and the tour is free. Meet at the Tucson Museum of Art’s Mooney Lobby at 1 pm and tour until 2 pm as a group discussing the hidden messages from the artists. Then continue at your own pace until 2:30 pm, at which time we will head for the Cafe for coffee/tea and conversation before heading home. 
Please contact Elizabeth at  elizabethvh777@gmail.com to make a reservation and hear carpool possibilities. It is a very moving exhibit of 55 pieces of unique art and opens up windows of perspective that deepen one’s appreciation of the land on which we live and its history.
Sacred Poetry Continues
As in past years, the Sacred Poetry group continues to meet monthly to read great mystical poems together. By Rumi, Whitman, Emily Dickinson and others, these are poems that evoke the kind of love that Rev. Samantha has been evoking for us in recent MVUU Practices: love that embraces our inner darkness, the parts of ourselves that we maybe would rather not think about; and this makes it possible for us to embrace and love the world, including the people who (if we had a choice) we’d probably rather not think about. We meet at Bob Wallace’s and Kathy Kouzmanoff’s apartment. Bob sends out poems the week before our meeting. If you’d like to drop by and find out what this is all about, drop Bob an email at  bob@robertmwallace.com
Bookaholics Unanimous
January 28, 2 pm 

We are a group of enthusiastic readers who meet on the last Tuesday of the month at 2 pm. We select a variety of books based on what has intrigued members. Our next meeting will be on January 28, 2020 . The book is  The Overstory , by Richard Powers. With the move, the venues change and are generally at members’ homes. If you are interested, new to the group and need directions to the meeting, contact Anne Leonard at  anne@alartworks.com  or call 307-8045.
Pastoral Care

Life’s not always easy. Know that you are not alone.
Reach Out To Pastoral Care today.
Coffee Baristas Sign Up
It’s time to sign up for January Barista Shifts! Help us plan ahead and sign up now. Many thanks! January Sign Up Here

Contact Erin Chadwell   administrator@mvuu.org  - Training is available - just ask!
Justice Outreach
Interfaith Community Services Food Bank
Look for the Interfaith Community Services Basket most every Sunday on your way into services and drop off your donation.

  • Pop-top cans of SpaghettiOs, chili and ravioli
  • Canned meat, tuna and soups (pop-top cans)
  • Instant mashed potatoes, rice, dry pasta
  • Spaghetti sauce in cans, canned fruits and vegetables

When you drop off food directly to the ICS Food Bank, please mention MVUU so we get credit. This ongoing activity supports our Justice Outreach focus. Contact Bill Casey at bill.casey@mvuu.org for questions.

December Woven Basket Partner:


Founded in 1998 by Pima County Interfaith Council and invested community members, JobPath provides pathways to prosperity for underserved, motivated adults by supporting them through educational or job training programs. Using a proven innovative approach, JobPath provides financial, emotional, and social support to students as they train for viable career paths that lead to high-wage positions in our community. Partnering with Pima Community College and other job training programs they provide financial assistance, career counseling and social connections to other students. Training includes a variety positions ranging from aviation technology and medical technology to truck driving.

Measures of their success include:
·      90% graduate
·      80% find a job in their field within 6 months of graduation
·       graduates increase their annual salaries by $34,000.

JobPath: Changing Paths, Changing Lives. An investment in our community.

For more information or to visit their facility check their website:  www.jobpath.net
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