January 12, 2022
Dear Families and Stakeholders:

We continue to test, assess the data, and review our current protocols daily. We are looking to reopen our Day Programs in a limited capacity next week, dependent upon our surveillance testing the remainder of this week. It will be a staggered opening, more details to come as we assess the data. We will support individuals who live in our residences but attend other Day Programs returning to their day program next week.

We will continue to temporarily suspend on-site visitations through this weekend. Off-site visitations and car rides will be supported as long as the residence is not currently impacted by a positive COVID 19 case/exposure. Again, we ask you to use
common sense and do not attend community outings that have large crowds. Please keep the visits to members of the immediate household. Non-essential community outings with our staff remain on pause.

We continue to be hypervigilant with PPE usage with our staff and will continue with full PPE in our homes through the weekend.

We are hopeful we can get back to some semblance of normalcy in the weeks ahead. Thank you for your patience and for your support.

Have a nice evening, 
John Randall
President and Chief Executive Officer
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