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01-18-21: New Job - Dir. of Operations - Chicago - Southern IL & More Good News!
Welcome to a week of new beginnings: New President, new job, new yoga class. We are very excited to announce our new client has an opening for Director of Operations. Candidate can work from either Chicago or Southern, IL. Ideal candidate has 10+ years of experience in operations at a consulting company. Immediate hire. Scroll down for more details!

Lynn was featured in a podcast hosted by Dan Nestle. They discussed recruiting, relationships, and life long learning. Scroll down for the link.

LH&A is pleased to co-sponsor chair yoga classes with Karen Egoff, starting January 28th. Yoga has many benefits including physical and mental well-being. See information below.

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we pay tribute to his words of wisdom.

“We must use time creatively, in the knowledge that the time is always ripe to do right.”
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Send us your updated credentials. Let's discuss how LH&A can place you. Reach Lynn at or 312-369-9802.

In This Edition:
1) Our Current Job Openings
  • Director of Operations - Actuarial Consulting co. - Chicago/Southern IL - NEW!
  • Remote Medical Writer/Senior Medical Writer - Remote Medical Communications Agency
  • Marketing/PR/Recruiting Intern - LH&A - Virtual Position 

2) Candidate Consulting Services - Virtual Resume Review & Empowered Job Seeker.
Winter discount offered!

3) Featured Podcast - The Dan Nestle Show Lynn is featured on the episode "Relationships are Everything"

4) Upcoming Events - Wine & Webinar, Maximizing the Value of LinkedIn During Your Job Search, Space vs Place, and yoga classes.

Our Current Openings
Director of Operations - Actuarial Consulting Co. - Chicago or Southern IL 
Are you an operations leader in professional services? Do you have 10+ years’ experience in business operations with a background in HR, Office Operations, Accounting, Management Consulting, and/or IT? Advanced degree from accredited university? Will consider applicants with more experience. Do you work well on a team & value collaboration? Do you live in Chicago or Southern IL? If so, keep reading! 
Our client provides timely, independent, & innovative consulting services with integrity, skill & care. Goals: Exceed client expectations & fulfill responsibilities to employees, profession, & public.

Click here for specs

To Apply: Forward your resume along with the answers to the questions from this link to Refer to Director of Operations in the header.  

Medical Writer/Sr. Medical Writer - Medical Communications Agency
Are you passionate about science, medicine, and education? Are you energized by collaborative work? Are you an aspiring Medical Writer with 0-1 year of experience? Or are you a Medical Writer with 1-4+ years of experience? If so, we have a job opening for a Medical Writer or a Senior Medical Writer. Will consider candidates with more experience. Writing test is part of the application process.

Want to work virtually for growing boutique MedComm agency? Agency seeks full-time medical writer to work virtually.  Learn more here

Marketing/PR/Recruiting INTERN - Virtual
Our internship program is unique in that we share knowledge: we teach and learn from each other.

Flexible hours; can receive college credit.

Work side-by-side with President and other interns in an energetic environment.

A definite career builder for a student or new grad interested in marketing, communications, human resources or recruiting.  

Click here to keep reading...

Candidate Consulting Services - Virtual
Resume Review & Empowered Job Seeker Services
It’s a new year, so it’s time for a new resume. Check out our resources and get prepared for 2021. Contact us to get started.

- The Resume Review 
In this session, Lynn Hazan will help you to break through the clutter of similar, boring resumes. You will receive practical suggestions and tips on how to revamp your resume. Complimentary follow-up phone session to assess revised resume is included. Time permitting, LinkedIn profiles will also be evaluated. 
Price: $125 One hour - with discount. Includes complimentary Resource Kit, for a total $200 value.
- Empowered Job Seeker
"Empowered Job Seeker™" is a program that helps candidates undergo effective job searches in the ever-changing marketplace. In this 3-hour (1.5 hours each session), one-on-one or group consultation, participants learn proven techniques to more successfully market themselves as the candidates of choice. 
Learn How To:
  • Find jobs in the hidden job market
  • Improve your networking, social media, and LinkedIn skills
  • Refine your interviewing and negotiating expertise
  • Position yourself in the marketplace for advancement and promotion
  • Seek out niches where you can add value
  • Strengthen your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Work effectively with a recruiter
Price: $225 total (2 sessions, each 1.5 hours) with discount. $300 value in total.

Participant Testimonial:
"Lynn's personal branding workshop was great. I really enjoyed it and learned several new ways of distilling my experience. I was able to put some of it into practice the next day during a phone interview - I had a case story at the ready. I also enjoyed "Calling Cards" and have shared the exercise with two friends. I always find Lynn's input and advice to be so helpful."

Featured Podcast
The Dan Nestle Show - Episode 33: Lynn Hazan Relationships are Everything
In this episode, Dan sits down with recruiter, marketer, and relationship builder Lynn Hazan, President of Lynn Hazan And Associates, a Chicago-based recruitment and consulting firm specializing in placing communications and marketing professionals nationwide. With an international, multicultural, and multilingual background, Lynn understands the value and importance of learning and empathy when bringing people together. In her case, it’s mainly for careers, but her lessons extrapolate across all facets of life. She and Dan discuss the importance of empathy, trust, and even creativity in building relationships that last a lifetime.

Listen to the podcast here

 Upcoming Events
1. TUESDAY 01/19 — WINE & WEBINAR - Orbit Media
Presented by Orbit Media Studios. Speaker Rand Fishkin of SparkToro will discuss the following:

  • Does Big Tech “censor” us? Are they good or bad for freedom of speech?
  • What should we do about digital monopolies? What would that look like?
  • Why marketers put so much money toward online advertising? Why don’t more marketers seek out audiences/sources of influence directly?
  • Why does Google allow SEO software companies to exist?
  • Are social media networks culpable for civil unrest?
  • How are you staying healthy during Covid?

Date: Tuesday, January 19th
Time: 5:00 PM-6:00 PM CST
Access: here

2. WEDNEDAY 01/20 — Maximizing the Value of LinkedIn During Your Job Search - NSENG ($75)
LinkedIn is one of the most valuable job search tools available today. But the average job-seeker probably uses less than 50% of the potential that LinkedIn can deliver.

Your LinkedIn profile can be a tremendous asset to your search if it’s built right. The LinkedIn platform can help you uncover a lot of hard-to-find companies, if you know how to find them. Having a lot of LinkedIn connections can be extremely useful, if you know how to leverage them.

Presented by Marty Gilbert, NSENG Founder/CEO & Job Search Coach.

Date: Wednesday, January 20th
Time:  9:30 AM-12:00 PM CST
Access: here

3. MONDAY 01/25 - SPACE VS PLACE - Chicago Innovation
Presented by Chicago Innovation. 2021 isn’t just about rebuilding – it’s an opportunity for re-designing. What it means to go to work, attend an event, or meet up with friends has changed. Now that our norms have been challenged and our behaviors recalibrated, how does this inform how we design the future? On January 25th, hear from experts who are creating optimal spaces not just for the best customer and employee experience, but the best human experience.

And if you’d like to network with fellow attendees, we invite you to stick around after the panel for a 15-minute breakout session.

We hope you can come join us, wherever you are.
Speakers include: Shivani Vora, Tope Sadiku, Eric Gannon, Lynn Osmond, and Adrienne Harbarger.

Date: Monday, January 25th
Time: 3:00-4:15 PM CST
Access: here
4.THURSDAY 01/28 - CHAIR YOGA CLASS 30-minute session - hosted by Karen Egoff of
Sitting at your desk all day? Feeling like your body is holding onto stress? Do you desire a moment of peace in the middle of your workday? We have just the thing for you!

Like most types of Yoga, Chair Yoga improves flexibility, concentration, and strength while boosting your mood, easing joint pain, and reducing stress.

$7.50 per class, or 4 classes for $28.00 USD.

Mail an e-transfer to
The next step is to email to state your name and state you are residing in to sign up.

Date: Starting 01/28 Thursday at 4:30 PM EST, 3:30 PM CT, 2:30 PMT, and 1:30 PM PST.
79 W Monroe Suite 1308,
Chicago, IL 60603