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Jan 20, 2023
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Sunday, Jan 22
Sunday Book Group Online

Sunday Service & Fellowship Hour
Water Communion & New Member Sunday, led by Rev. Matthew Funke Crary
10:30 am Join Zoom

Monday, Jan 23
Dance to Heal

Tuesday, Jan 24
Men's Night Out (Virtual)
7 pm Join Zoom

Wednesday, Jan 25
MVUU Choir
6 pm at MVUU Email Chris Tackett

Thursday, Jan 26
Mindful Meditation at MVUU

Friday, Jan 27
Mahjong at MVUU
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MVUU's Current Airborne Communicable Disease status is
LOW Risk in Arizona

Our building is open. Sunday services are in-person and/or online. We do request that attendees continue to wear masks while indoors unless actively eating or drinking.
President's Column

I recently had the experience of a congregant expressing concern over a perception that MVUU was in some financial crisis. While I quickly rebutted that perception since we are not in a financial crisis, it did give me a nudge to find ways to be more transparent and open regarding the state of MVUU financially as well in other areas such as growth and mission. In fulfillment of that goal, the Board will host a “State of MVUU” congregational meeting this Sunday, January 22, following our regular service. We will provide a financial overview of where we are as of December 2022, the state of our mission both internally and externally, and recommend several important changes to the bylaws that will make our work smoother and easier for the future. These bylaw changes require a vote of the congregational membership to implement.

This meeting is NOT a substitute for our annual meeting in May but is another step to be more transparent to interested congregants. While only members can vote on the bylaws, anyone may attend the meeting in person or by zoom. We have much to be thankful for and we hope to share a snapshot of where we have been and where we are now as well as our hopes for the future of MVUU.

Tom Sawyer, MVUU President
Contigo News

It was very fulfilling to share our Contigo presentation to the congregation. Thank you for sponsoring us!

Here are several resources that you may find helpful in learning more about Haiti and the Darien Gap. If at all possible, please watch at least one of these videos, I have found them very powerful way to feel what it must be like to be an South or Central American immigrant on the way to the US to seek asylum.

Lori Rehfeldt, from MVUU, has put together an excellent video, and it is another way to learn more about Haiti and the Darien Gap. She starts with some Haitian music and vivid pictures of what it is like today in Haiti. Next you see the PBS documentary on the Darien Gap. And finally, she shows what it must be like after arriving in the US, with some staccato sounds as pictures of migrants are processed. And, in the end, she focuses on the future, and baby Kerwensley, as he carries the hope of the next generation. Thank you Lori.

PBS Newshour Documentary
The Darien Gap: What migrants face as they journey through the deadly Darien Gap. Excellent 10-minute description of the migrant journey through this dangerous jungle in Central America. Click Here to Watch the Darien Gap Video

Short Summary of Haitian History Click Here to Watch the Haitian History Video

Contigo Needs Your Support!
Our January Fundraiser for Contigo continues throughout January. All donations up to $3,000 will be doubled thanks to a matching grant. We are grateful for your generous support. Make checks out to MVUU, with Contigo in the memo line.

Cheri Desmond May, Contigo Founder
Mesquite Madness! Last Chance Sale

Thanks to our beautiful patio, we had a spacious place to mingle and place bids. Thanks to all the crew who helped make it happen. Thanks to all Donors and Bidders who were a joy to work with. And a final thanks to everyone for their generosity. We raised $10,664

For those of you who missed the event, here is our Last Chance Sale. Deadline to buy is Saturday, Feb 11. Please Email Jane Paul.

  • Wildflower Hike & Picnic Lunch #2 on Tuesday, Mar 28. Led by Melanie Landa and Elizabeth Van Horn. Enjoy spring wildflowers on Sutherland Trail at Catalina State Park. Hike is easy with a moderate elevation gain; 8 openings, $40  

  • Scottish Afternoon moved to Sunday, Feb 26. Marian Menconi & Allan Lyon host a Single Malt Scotch tasting in their Saddlebrooke home. Ample savory treats and Scottish lore. Those who fancy a wee dram of something else are warmly welcomed. 7 openings, $45

  • Ride to and from Tucson Airport, from Bob Seyfried. No more than 3 riders in the car. Between Nov 1 and April 30. 1 offer, $50

  • Celebration of Creativity Luncheon, Saturday Apr 22 outdoors at Elizabeth Van Horn’s home. Share your creative passion with other MVUU artists. All dietary needs will be met. $25.

Donor and Bidder statements have been emailed. Contact me if you need it sent again.

On a final note…Do you enjoy selling on Facebook Marketplace or eBay? Would you do such tasks for MVUU? Right now we have a Navajo rug to sell that has value. After a Rummage Sale, we often have unsold items that are too valuable to donate to charity. Let me know.  

Jane Paul
We Need Your Help

We would Iike to invite you to help two of our families over the next few weeks.

Susan Rubenstein recently broke her pelvis and also has Covid. Elliot Rubenstein, her husband, is working hard to help her with recovery and healing. And Larry Castriotta is now home from the hospital recovering from a recent fall.

MVUU Pastoral Care Team
The Sunday Book Group on Zoom
Sunday, Jan 22, 8:15 am
On Sunday, Jan 22, we will begin discussing our new book, The Song of the Cell: An exploration of medicine and the new human, by Siddhartha Mukherjee. This book is “an exploration of medicine and our radical new ability to manipulate cells.” 

It begins, “in the late 1600s, when a distinguished English polymath, Robert Hooke, and an eccentric Dutch cloth-merchant, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek looked down their handmade microscopes. What they saw introduced a radical concept that swept through biology and medicine, touching virtually every aspect of the two sciences, and altering both forever. It was the fact that complex living organisms are assemblages of tiny, self-contained, self-regulating units. Our organs, our physiology, our selves—hearts, blood, brains—are built from these compartments. Hooke christened them “cells”.

The discovery of cells—and the reframing of the human body as a cellular ecosystem—announced the birth of a new kind of medicine based on the therapeutic manipulations of cells. A hip fracture, a cardiac arrest, Alzheimer’s dementia, AIDS, pneumonia, lung cancer, kidney failure, arthritis, COVID pneumonia—all could be reconceived as the results of cells, or systems of cells, functioning abnormally. And all could be perceived as loci of cellular therapies. Told in six parts, laced with Mukherjee’s own experience as a researcher, a doctor, and a prolific reader, The Song of the Cell is both panoramic and intimate.” 

We will be reading and discussing this book well into March 2023. For more information contact John Clark at Email John Clark.
Snowbird Potluck
Monday, Jan 23, 12 pm

UUCT TBIRDs, MVUU Snowbirds, summer ducks and friends will break bread together in the UUCT social hall on Monday, January 23 at 12 pm. In addition to bringing food to share, folks should provide their own plates, cups, silverware, and beverage. 

Roughly equal numbers from each Congregation attended the December get together, and turnout should grow with late returnees and newcomers discovering Tucson’s appeal as winter storms batter their home communities. As always, permanent residents checking out the seasonal members/visitors are welcome. The final two city wide lunch dates in this winter season on the third Monday of February (President’s Day) and March both fall on the 20th of the month. Any questions, Email Melanie Landa or call/text (536) 320-6106.
Bookaholics Unanimous
Tuesday, Jan 31, 2 pm

We are a group of enthusiastic readers who meet the last Tuesday of the month at 2 pm by zoom. We select a variety of books based on what has intrigued members. We have a full schedule of great books for the new year. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, Jan 31 at 2 pm. The book is Matrix by Lauren Groff. If you are interested in learning more about the group Email Anne Leonard or call (520) 307-8045.
MVUU Library Book Sale is Coming!
Sunday, Feb 5, 2023, 11:30 am

This is your chance help to raise funds to update our MVUU library, a major resource for information supporting our UU values and history. AND at the same time you will have a chance to buy some really great books for your enjoyment at a really good price.

The sale is Sunday, Feb 5, 2023, during fellowship hour, in the Oasis room.
We need you to Donate books. Bring fiction, non-fiction, young adult and
children’s books -- any book in good condition is welcomed. Please drop off your donations at the church. Or, if you need us to pick up your books, please email our Library Team at
January Woven Basket Partner:


The Contigo Team is so grateful for all the support, help and love that the congregation has provided to this project and the people we have supported over the past two years. Now you’ve heard our story; and learned about the four folks we have previously accompanied, as well as the family we are currently supporting with their variety of health needs. 

The January Woven Basket is our major fundraiser for the year. Our goal is to raise enough money to complete the accompaniment of the Sylvestre/Dorvincil family to full legal status, full time employment, continued improving health, and all the things they need to become a part of the Tucson community. We hope you will give generously to this effort and please know that your contribution makes a meaningful difference in the lives of this family. Thank you! We deeply appreciate your support.

Donate via MVUU as the Woven Basket Partner: You can make your donations online at or by sending a check to the Church Office. The mailing address is: MVUU, P. O. Box 91080, Tucson AZ 85752. Please make checks payable to "MVUU" and indicate that this donation is for the Woven Basket/Contigo in the memo line.
Dance to Heal
Mondays at 9 am
This is a one-hour class at the Jewish Community Center on Mondays at 9 am. The participants are primarily MVUU members. First class is free. Classes $15. Questions? 
Email Ann Bowling or call/text (815) 209-9413.
Men's Night Out (Virtual)
Tuesdays at 7 pm
Join us for Men's Night Out, every Tuesday evening via Zoom. Click to Join Zoom For more information Email Phil Troyer
MVUU Choir
Wednesdays at 6 pm
Do you enjoy music? Being a part of a singing community? Join us Wednesday evenings for Choir! Email Chris Tackett
MVUU Mindful Meditation
Thursdays at 9 am
MVUU Mindful Meditation has begun and you are invited! For more information, please Email Bonnie Grant Baird or Email Sharon Bottorff.
Mahjong Is Back!
Fridays at 2 pm
Weekly Mahjong game sessions in the Oasis Room at MVUU! All are welcome to join us for an afternoon of fun! If you have any questions, please Email Barb Seyfried.
Caring Circles
Join a Caring Circle to connect, strengthen, and expand ties within our congregation. Circles meet weekly or bi-weekly via Zoom and/or in person. Got Questions? Email Pi Irwin
We are a Welcoming Congregation, inviting and celebrating all LGBTQs in all areas of our community. For those wanting to speak to someone from the church about LGBTQ+ issues or community, email or text MVUU's affiliated minister, Rev. Christiane Heyde (520) 393-9960.
Volunteer with MVUU!
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Volunteer with MVUU for More Information and to Sign Up!
Fellowship Hour Goodies & Treats Sign Up
We now are ready to welcome the congregation's participation via the Fellowship Hour Goodies Sign Up for each week. We cater to those with special food preferences and request only one to two items per category. Thank you!
Sign Up for Amazon Smile
How to Sign Up for Amazon Smile. To support MVUU, you must specify, Mountain Vista Unitarian Universalist.
MVUU Membership Invitation
If you are interested in joining our community and would like to become a member at MVUU, please Email Tom Bunch.
Our Whole Lives (OWL) Education
Starting in January 2023
Do you want to see the OWL program at MVUU, want to give back to your community, and fight for Reproductive Justice? Email Stacie Sosa 
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Send your check to MVUU, P.O. Box 91080, Tucson, AZ 85752, indicating which fund you'd like it to go to (i.e. Pledge, Operating Fund, Capital Campaign, Woven Basket, etc.).
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