January 28, 2022
Dear Families and Stakeholders:

We appreciate your continued patience during these challenging  times with COVID and the protocols to ensure the safety of your loved ones. As discussed during this week’s stakeholders’ meeting, our staff will support onsite and offsite visits. 
A blizzard warning is still expected for this weekend, and we wanted to inform you that all our houses are prepared for the storm. Although the storm will impede community outings this weekend, our staff will be supporting safe community outings. 
Just a reminder, if you haven't already signed up for free rapid tests, we are encouraging all of you to take advantage of this service so you have the kits on hand when you are in need of them. Please click here for the link.
Again, we thank you all for your continued support, patience, and understanding and please stay safe this weekend.
John Randall
President and Chief Executive Officer
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Amego, Inc. supports individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities
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