February 10, 2022
Dear Families and Stakeholders,

As you are all likely aware, we are experiencing a steady decline in positivity rates for COVID-19 across the state. Amego current experiences are in-line with the state’s decrease. We are very hopeful that we will continue on this trajectory. 

As a result, we will continue to support visitation on and off-site. On-site visits will be supported so long as the house is not in positive status. We also continue to have our school and day programs open. 

The governor released updates to mask mandates yesterday. Specifically, the expectation that masks be worn in schools will be lifted at the end of this month. This change allows schools to assess based upon there needs. This is exactly what we will do across settings and we will inform you and our staff of updates to Amego’s practices as we modify them. Currently, all staff in all programs are expected to be wearing an N95 or KN95 that is provided by Amego.  When programs are experiencing positive cases, staff are wearing full PPE (gowns, etc.).  

We are optimistic that the coming weeks will afford us the ability to ease restrictions that have been in place. We are extremely grateful to our families and stakeholders for their support, input, and patience during this recent surge.  We will likely schedule a stakeholder zoom in the next two weeks to provide updates and also share some news and updates not related to the pandemic.

Look forward to seeing you all soon! 
John Randall
President and Chief Executive Officer
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