February 2, 2021 
Dear Families and Stakeholders:   

We continue hosting vaccine clinics in Attleboro for our individuals and staff. We will be holding our first clinic for second-round doses this Thursday and have several additional clinics scheduled over the next couple of weeks.

The state has instituted new surveillance testing procedures for provider agencies like Amego. There have been several issues with the roll-out of this new program.

For the month of February, while we wait for the issues to be resolved, Amego will continue to conduct surveillance testing the way we have successfully been doing it the past several months. We want to ensure our staff are being tested regularly without any issues and that we have the kits to re-test staff and individuals in the event there is an exposure. Minimally, this will cost $60,000. The state will not be reimbursing this expense.

We will continue to update you on our numbers and how are surveillance testing is going and look forward to seeing you next week, February 10th at 5:00 on our next zoom call. In addition to sending any questions you may have, we remind you that any request for visitation must be done so through [email protected]. All visitation requests must be submitted by Thursday at 10am and will be reviewed and responded to by the end of the business day.

Thank you,   
John Randall
President and Chief Executive Officer
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