02 - August 17, 2020
As per Dr. Habegger’s July 31 email, if you haven’t yet completed the Important Health Survey, please do so: Please click on the appropriate following link (instructions for parents / instructions for staff) for full details on how to login to Skyward and complete the form for each student/family and/or if you are a CNG Staff member. Collecting these data will be vital for our advance planning, especially for those currently out of country so we can tailor our virtual learning depending on your time zone. For this reason we ask parents to complete this by Tuesday, August 18. Thank you.

We sent an email to All Parents on August 6 about the Importance of the Return of all School Materials to Campus. The form is here. If you have any questions, please contact your building administrative assistant.


  • Parents As Partners HUB: in-depth information on how critical the home-school partnership is for student success, and a strong focus of Character Education at CNG:
  • Password: CNGCH (same as Community Handbook)

Athletics & Condor Activities

In the past weeks, our coaching staff has been working to develop the best Athletics and Condor Activities program available for distance learning. Next week, our Middle and High School coaches will be prepared to start Athletic activities. Within these departments, the number one focus is to provide our children with co-curricular programs that contribute to well-rounded individuals by developing their character and living a healthy lifestyle. For more detailed information regarding Athletics and Condor Activities, please use the following links:

Starting Dates

  • MS & HS Athletics: Tuesday, August 18
  • ES Athletics: Monday, August 24
  • PS Athletics: Tuesday, September 1 
  • PS, ES, MS & HS Condor Activities: Tuesday, September 1