03 - August 23, 2020

Professional learning for our teachers and staff continues to be our primary focus this year as we shift our instructional, engagement, and assessment practices to better serve learning in the virtual environment. For this reason, we have the opportunity for all staff to attend our annual, Google Summit virtually for a full day of professional learning.

In order to accomplish this, we have elected to consolidate two half-days originally dedicated to staff professional learning on September 14 and October 21 and dedicate Friday, September 4 as a full day of training for teachers. What this will mean is that on September 14 and October 21, students will report for a full day of learning and, subsequently, there will be no classes on Friday, September 4. We do encourage students to use Friday, September 4 as a day to catch up on any asynchronous work. 

We wanted to make you aware of this change far enough in advance. We are truly excited to have our entire teaching staff access this powerful, day-long instructional technology conference and appreciate your flexibility with adjusting your calendar. If you have any questions, please contact us in the Learning and Teaching department, or your building principals.

Thank you!
Thanks to the valuable work the Character for Parents Team carried out last year we continue updating the Parents as Partners HUB with tools that will facilitate your active engagement in school events. Today we invite all CNG families to click on the following link CNG Parents as Partners: CNG Parent Calendars where you will be able to view the four division Parent Calendars, and filter according to your child/children’s grades. 

Once you identify a meeting you are interested in attending and click on it, a window will pop open. In that window you will see the active link for the online event (Zoom link, for example), and the option to copy to my calendar


Athletics & Condor Activities

This past week High School and Middle School athletics got the ball rolling with understanding the importance of staying connected, as well as continual growth as an athlete during these unique times. It truly does take a strong character to stay engaged and focused while the times are tough. This next week our Elementary school athletes will follow the HS/MS lead for participating in athletics starting on August 24. The following week Condor Activities and PS Athletics commence September 1st, and that will complete our kick-off to all after school student activities.
The online registration in skyward is closed but the good news is you have one more week to enroll your child in the following activities. Please write an email to cng.condor.activities@cng.edu for Condor Activities or cng_athletics@cng.edu.co for Athletics including the activity, student name, and grade
Condor Activities:
  • PS Art- Wednesdays
  • PS Cooking- Tuesdays
  • Dance 1o- Wednesdays
  • ES & MS Fashion Design- Tuesdays
  • ES Illustration- Thursdays
  • PS- Jewelry- Mondays
  • ES & MS Parkour- Wednesdays
  • PS & ES Sewing- Thursdays

  • All Sports

For More Information: