03 - March 29, 2020
After 10 days of hard work, and thanks to the generosity of our CNG community and the support of the PTA and the FHNG Board, on Saturday March 28, 388 grocery baskets were delivered to each of the Fundacion Hogar Nueva Granada families.
It was a VERY EXCITING day! The families expressed infinite gratitude and arrived prepared to carry their groceries home on their shoulders.   see photos

One more reason to feel proud of our wonderful CNG community.

IMPORTANT: Eye & Ear Tests for Matriculation 2020-21 for grades K4, K5, 1st, 3rd, 6th & 9th. CNG and ICAL will provide testing on campus upon our return. Click here for more information.
Dear Parents:

As you heard on Friday, we have reviewed survey and observational data over the past nine days of Distance Learning. As a result, we will be shifting on Monday, March 30 to a newly revised Synchronous Schedule . We have added 30 minutes of synchronous time at PS and ES as well as shifted all MS/HS classes up one hour (beginning at 10:00 AM) to allow for two classes before lunch and two classes after lunch. We believe this will help us to better meet some emerging needs in our community next week.

We look forward to hearing about your successes as parents of learners in a virtual world.

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