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Cheldora Haynes,
Third Grade Teacher
Martin G. Atkins Elementary
Bridgeport-Spaulding Community Schools

Ten Michigan teachers have each been named Regional Teacher of the Year by the state’s education department, and are now in the running for the Teacher of the Year award.


On Friday, April 2, 2021, the Michigan Department of Education named 10 teachers from across the state as Regional Teachers of the Year. MDE officials say the honorees were selected for their “dedication to the teaching profession, as evidenced by their commitment to their students and track record of service in the teaching profession.”

Also, a recipient of SISD's Educator Spotlight, Mrs. Haynes's nominator said, "she goes above and beyond the call of duty. Mrs. Haynes is truly a humble teacher-servant who knows no boundaries for her students and families. She is open to her students and families at all times, she conducts home-visits in a safer manner, she helps provide transportation when needed and makes long lasting relationships with her students and families. Mrs. Haynes wears her heart, soul and love of teaching on her sleeve. We are grateful to have such a talented teacher in our midst."

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  • Feel free to share this newsletter with your students and families! There is NO cost to join 4-H for the 2020-21 school year. Youth can enroll at 4-H Online at any time. There are MANY upcoming events and workshops for students to take advantage of, most of which are free or low-cost.
April is National Bilingual/Multilingual Learner Advocacy Month!!
National Bilingual/Multilingual
Learner Advocacy Month is a time to celebrate and advocate for bilingual learners in our schools.
OELA has a trio of free toolkits to help parents, educators, and administrators support these students. Explore now:

Take the Pledge!
By pronouncing students’ names correctly, you can foster a sense of belonging and build positive relationships in the classroom, which are crucial for healthy social, psychological, and
educational outcomes.

SISD English Learner Consultant: Angelica Garcia
Phone: 989.399.2477

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Ever wonder what's new in Google Meet before stumbling upon it?
Check out the Google Meet Help Center for updates and training opportunities. Google is constantly updating to meet the needs of their users. Tiles, Captions, Polls & Q/A, as well as the ability to create breakout rooms BEFORE a video call through Google Calendar are just some of the newest updates to Meet.
Looking For End-of-the-Year Project Ideas to Engage Students and Increase Rigor?
Matt from Ditch That Textbook shared out 10 end of the year projects in his April 1 email. Over the next few weeks, we will share some of our favorites and information to complete several of these projects with your students.

Timelines are fantastic for making meaning of events that happen at different times. It helps us see how they're related, how they fit in order, and what's important about each one. I love using Google Drawings ( to make them. In this post, I share some ideas for helping students do deeper thinking in these projects, which could make a great summative assessment.

Create a Top 10 Video Using Flipgrid

Top 10 videos are lots of fun! It involves collecting entries for the list, ranking them, justifying the rankings, and displaying those rankings on a video. Top 10 videos (or top 5, or top 20, or top 100) on YouTube are popular! When done as a learning activity, it can become higher order thinking very quickly.

Did you know that REMC has a library of classroom resources available for use? Consisting of technology skills curriculum, lesson plans, and activities to create high quality, engaging instructional environments, and provide access to the necessary skills, tools, and rich sources of information for students. Many of these resources have a companion Virtual Course providing detailed instruction led by a Michigan educator and 10 free SCECHs upon completion. Registration and SCECHs for all Virtual Courses are free.
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