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April is National Bilingual/Multilingual Learner Advocacy Month!!
OELA Webinar: Supporting English Learners (ELs) through Technology
Looking for ways to support English learners through technology? This webinar from the Office of English Language Acquisition shares an overview of digital learning resources that can strengthen #EnglishLearner instruction.

OELA Podcast: Engaging Families
Through Distance Learning
Providing digital and non-digital options during #COVID19 emergency conditions ensures equitable access for diverse students and families. See how some schools and districts leveraged their resources to ensure equitable services for #EnglishLearners.

OELA Fact Sheet: Profile of English Learners in the United States
Did you know that more than 5 million ELs were enrolled in U.S. schools in grades K-12 during SY 2017-18?

Check out OELA’s fact sheet, “Profile of English Learners in the United States,” to explore data on increases and decreases in student enrollment of ELs by state, and proficiency assessment results for English language, math, reading/language arts, and science.

SISD English Learner Consultant: Angelica Garcia
Phone: 989.399.2477
HIV Prevention Training
May 21, 2021

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End-of-the-Year Project Ideas to Engage Students and Increase Rigor, Part 2

*Thanks Matt Miller @ Ditch That Textbook!*

Ever tried Stop Motion to show learning in motion???

If students can envision it in motion, they can show it in motion on the screen with Google Slides (or PowerPoint). Students can create animations by creating a slide, duplicating it, moving it slightly, and repeating over and over again. When they flip through the slides, it's an animation. This is great for showing a cycle or process as well as dialogue between characters.

Make Photo Comic Strips/books with Slides!

It's easy to snap pictures with your device and add them to Google Slides or PowerPoint. When students do this, they become the stars of the assignment! How can students use images of themselves to demonstrate a skill or new concept? Then, how can they annotate with speech/thought bubbles, extra info, etc. to take it to the next level?

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