Aug 2, 2019
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Upcoming Events
Sunday, August 4, 1 pm
Sunday Service: Justice as Spiritual Practice, Janine Gelsinger

Sunday, August 11, 1 pm
Sunday Service: Receiving Sacred Gifts for Empowerment, Twinfeathers

Sunday, August 18, 1 pm
Sunday Service: Got Soul?, Rev. Matthew Funke Crary

Sunday, August 25, 1 pm
Sunday Service: Sources of Inspiration, Tom Sawyer

Wednesday, August 28, 5:30 pm
Event: Board Meeting

Friday, August 30, All Day
Event: S WUURA UU Labor Day Campout

Gift Card Scammers Targeting Congregations

In carefully targeted scams, email messages designed to look like they were sent by a minister, ask members for gift cards. Please be aware of anyone writing to you requesting for assistance via gift cards. This is not MVUU's policy.

President's Column

Welcoming Our New Interim Minister  

August will be a month of new beginnings, as we welcome our Interim Minister, Rev. Samantha Wilson. She will start mid-month here and her first day in the pulpit will be Sunday, September 1.

Please join us in a special reception in Fellowship Hall following practice, so we can give her an enthusiastic entry to our congregational life! You will have a chance to meet her individually as we enjoy refreshments.

How does having an Interim Minister differ from a settled (or “called”) minister in our UU tradition? First, Rev. Samantha will be with us no longer than two years, and she will not be eligible to stay as a settled minister. While including many of the traditional ministerial activities, such as the Sunday practice, supervising staff and serving ex officio on the board, her work will also include analysis and focus on the several parts of our congregational relationships. She will ask us direct questions to encourage creativity in how we work and play together. Rev. Samantha will look toward leadership development and strengthening our bonds with each other. We should not expect our Interim Minister to develop a new direction in programming; her focus will be on our health as a community.

We were fortunate to have Rev. Samantha attend the July 15 board meeting while she was in Tucson to find housing and meet with the Transitional Team. We thank Tom Sawyer, team chair, for arranging her schedule to include meetings with the team and Practice Associates, as well. The Team (Tom, Lisa Ponder-Gilby, Samar Adi, Paula Lipsitz and David Greene) will be on hand to assist her as she begins her work here. Throughout the fall and early winter, there will be small house gatherings arranged for us to get to know Rev. Sam better. If you are here only in winter, there will be ample opportunity for all to attend.

So, our Board looks forward to a fresh start in our congregational life! Just to remind everyone, other board members are Pi Irwin, Vice President; Paula Lipsitz, Secretary; Conrad Paul, Treasurer; Bob Seyfried, Ann Bowling and Bill Casey, all Trustees. Please contact any one of us if you have questions.

We have had several members step up to fill leadership positions, including Beth Williams, new Religious Exploration Committee chair; Tom Bunch, new Membership Committee chair; Anne Leonard, new chair of the Justice Coordinating Council; and Jyotsna Taggarse, Endowment Committee.  

Other continuing committee chairs include Alana Wyatt, Finance; Betty Meikle, Pastoral Care; Chuck Tatum, Stewardship; Jane Paul, Communications; and Tom Sawyer, Practice Associates. Chuck Tatum will be developing the Adult Education program approved last spring.  

We hope to see as many of our members and friends as possible on September 1!

Anne Tatum, MVUU President
MVUU Board Meeting
Wed, Aug 28 5:30 pm

The next MVUU Board meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 28 at the office. Going forward from September, the regular Board meeting time will be the third Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m., beginning September 19. The change was made to accommodate the schedules of all members.  

The Board asks that agenda items or presentation requests be made a week in advance of the meeting

MVUU Board 
Update on Cortaro Property Sale

We heard from the potential buyer of our Cortaro Road property that he was cancelling the contract, although leaving the deposit in escrow, with the intent to reinstate the contract after working deal points out with a home builder to whom he planned to sell the property. He was then away for several weeks. The realtor, Rob Tomlinson, talked with the home builder, who said that they could not buy the property themselves at this time because they were approximately two years away from being able to close on the property. R. Tomlinson has since been talking with another investor, who is interested in the property as well as keeping the dialogue open with our previous buyer. All of this time the property is still being marketed. Please stay tuned…

MVUU Board 
Special Board Action

At the May 19 meeting of the MVUU Congregation, several people spoke about wanting to make special donations to help make up cuts to the Religious Exploration Program in our Annual Budget.   

The MVUU Board approved announcing to the Congregation that a special account, “RE Gifts”, be authorized to receive individual donations for the RE Program. We have already received a generous gift.

To make a donation for RE Gifts, please make checks to MVUU and note on the memo line “RE Gifts. If cash, please put in an envelope marked “RE Gift.”
The RE Committee has several expenses not covered in the budget, annual background checks for staff and volunteers, for one example. The RE Committee said they would also appreciate donations of packaged snacks.
We thank you for your consideration of these gifts.

MVUU Board
MVUU Movies at the Loft

Please join us this summer for a film each month at the Loft. Descriptions of each feature will be sent via email along with the name of chosen restaurant for a before or after treat. If you would like to be included on this email distribution list, please contact Bonnie Grant Baird at  BJGRANTB77@gmail.com .
Dinner and a Movie
Wednesday, Aug 7, 3 pm

Movie: The Farewell, Wednesday, August 7, 3PM, Loft Cinema
Dinner: Yoshimatsu (Japanese), 2660 Campbell, 5 PM

If you plan to join the group for dinner, you must RSVP to Debbie Roberts at deborah.roberts@mvuu.org so that a reservation can be made.

The Farewell is the story of a family that gathers in China to say farewell to the grandmother who has been diagnosed with cancer and given only a few weeks to live. They gather under the guise of a family wedding without telling the grandmother of her diagnosis. Billi, a Chinese-American granddaughter, struggles with this decision and with the cultural differences that emerge during the visit. The film is ultimately a story about the power of family and how it can unite and strengthen us.
Sunday Morning Book Group
 10 am at The Fountains

We have chosen a new book “The Second Mountain” by David Brooks, but we will not begin discussing it until Sunday September 1. We are taking a 10-week vacation this summer beginning June 23. For more information contact John Clark at  alvinjclark@aol.com .
 Tuesday, Aug 26, 2 pm

We are a group of enthusiastic readers who meet the  last Tuesday of the month at 2pm . We select a variety of books based on what has intrigued members. The one who suggests the book generally leads the discussion of that book. Our next meeting will be on Aug 27 .   The Book is   The Ninth Hour by Alice McDermott. It is the  story of a widow and her daughter and the nuns who serve their Irish-American community in Brooklyn. . If you are interested, new to the group and will need directions to the meeting, contact   Anne Leonard at anne@alartworks.com 520-307-8045)
SAWUURA UU Labor Day Campout 2019 Labor Day Weekend Fri–Mon, Aug 30 – Sept 2, 2019

You are invited to tent camp, share meals & kitchen duties, activities and worship. Relax and deepen your spiritual connection with nature, play, hike, bird/star watch, sing & singe s’mores around the campfire.

Fees are $45 adults and $25 children under 16 (or $35 adults & $20 children members). Important: SAWUURA is 2 miles down a rough dirt road & our latrines are pit toilets. Deadline to register is Monday, August 26

SAWUURA Contacts:
Eb Eberlein ebaztrails@gmail.com
Jan Hatunen janhatunen@gmail.com
Curtiss Seale curtissimo@mac.com or (520) 982-3984
Pastoral Care

Life’s not always easy. Know that you are not alone.
Reach Out To Pastoral Care today.
Coffee Baristas - August Signup   
Contact Erin Chadwell  administrator@mvuu.org Training is available - just ask!
Justice Outreach
Interfaith Community Services Food Bank
Please bring a jar of peanut butter, a can of meat (tuna, Spam, etc.) or a can of spaghetti and drop it off in the  ICS Food Basket on the patio  on 2nd & 4th Sundays each month. If MVUU members and friends deliver foods on their own to ICS Food Bank, mention  MVUU   and we will get credit.
Contact Beth Williams  at  uubethnw@gmail.com.
August Woven Basket Partner:
Keep Tucson Together

Keep Tucson Together (KTT) is a project of the non-profit organization No More Deaths/No Mas Muertes. KTT is a grassroots, pro-bono legal group that works with volunteer attorneys to deportations and the separation of families in Southern Arizona.

We host two clinics every month around the Tucson area:

The first clinic is every Thursday at Pueblo High School from 5:30-7:30 pm in the Cafeteria, where families can get help with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA, DREAMers), Stopping deportations, helping apply to become a US Citizen and a consult with an attorney for any immigration question they might have. 

The Second clinic is every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at Southside Presbyterian Church from 2-5 pm,where families can get help with preparation for their immigration court hearing by Asylum, Cancellation of Removal, also they can get help on applying for DACA.

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