August 4, 2021  
Dear Families and Stakeholders:    

Thank you for joining us this evening. As discussed, EOHHS has released updated guidance for residential and congregate care programs. These updates can be accessed by clicking here.

Amego will continue to support visitations at our residences as well as off-site. All visitors entering our programs must wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status per the new guidance released today. At least medical masks should be worn, cloth masks are not considered proper PPE. If you do not have access to surgical masks, KN95's or N95's, we will provide you with a surgical mask upon arrival to the residence.

All staff will continue to wear masks while on shift, regardless of vaccination status.

We are not encouraging large gatherings at this time due to the uptick in the Delta variant. We will be looking at community trips on an individual basis.

Visitation attestations must be completed both at pick up and drop off. Please be sure you are filling these out at each visit.

There is currently not a mandate for vaccination for our staff.

Our protocols on exposures remain the same- if an individual is exposed and vaccinated, they do not have to quarantine. If an individual is exposed and NOT vaccinated, they must quarantine. We continue to encourage our staff and our individuals to get their vaccination.

We will continue to assess our adult day programming as the guidance changes on a regular basis. Staffing continues to be a crisis in the field that impacts Amego. We are being incredibly aggressive with overtime to get people into our day programs and keep our ratios as they should be. Our staff have been heroic for the entirety of this pandemic and continue to do this. This is a significant cost to Amego and we thank you for your continued financial support that is being directed to our front-line staff.

We are thinking of our Florida staff and families as they navigate the current spike in cases.

As new guidance and protocols come out, we will make sure to inform you of them. We will host another zoom meeting the first or second Wednesday of September unless there is a need to meet sooner.

Thank you,
John Randall
President and Chief Executive Officer
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