LIFE AT VMS: Welcome to the new school year!
by Ann Clark, Head of School
Dear parents,

I extend a warm welcome to you and the students of VMS as we begin the 2020-2021 school year. The Spring of 2020 required our staff and students to adapt to a new online format. Our “back to school” experience may look different this year, but our focus will continue to be ensuring every child, every day, finds a way to feel connected and inspired to learn.

VMS took on the challenge this year of providing on-campus learning and distance learning, all occurring at the same time. We have learned a great deal, have worked tremendously hard to be safe and prepared, and started our first week with success! Thank you for your commitment and patience as we work through the many obstacles facing us - COVID-19, heat waves, power outages and wildfire smoke. We are doing our best to thoughtfully manage each challenge and we appreciate your support, positive attitudes and smiling faces.

It is important to continue to read the VMS news each Wednesday to stay informed and connected. Also keep an eye out for possible text alerts. Please respond to this email if you have not received a text alert this week so we can update your information.

Important Carline Information for students on campus:
In order to provide a safe flowing carline during the afternoon pick up, the following time schedule change will begin today:
  • Primary 2:50 pm
  • Elementary 3:00 pm
  • Middle School 3:10 pm

Other Important Carline Tips:
  • If you have students at multiple levels including middle school, pick up your primary, lower and upper students first. Then, we will walk the middle school students to the front lot to meet you at 3:10.
  • Place your child’s car seat on driver's side, if possible.
  • When exiting the school front lot in the morning, use the far lane to protect the families walking toddlers into school from parked cars.
  • For toddler and primary families, consider bringing your own pen in your car for sign in sheets to minimize contact.

Thank you for your partnership and cooperating with our safety plans which are crucial to keeping all our students and staff safe.

With Gratitude,

8/20 Toddler Back to School Zoom, 7:30pm (note time change)
9/02 Upper El Back to School Zoom, 6pm
9/03 Primary Back to School Zoom, 7:30pm (note time change)
9/07 Labor Day (School Closed)
9/09 Lower El Back to School Zoom, 6pm
9/10 Middle School Back to School Zoom, 6pm
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