by Ann Clark, Head of School
Dear parents,

We will remember the kick-off of the 2020-2021 school year as a time filled with unprecedented challenges. At VMS, we’ve met these challenges with ingenuity, hard work and the determination of our talented teachers, staff and students. Of equal importance, is the strength we have in our partnership with our VMS families.Thank you for the input, patience, understanding and grace you have demonstrated to all staff of VMS. We are grateful! We’ve clearly been reminded of the importance of preparation and forward thinking as well as staying positive and focused on what we can control and how best to adapt.

I hope all families are staying safe during this time and encourage any family dealing with the stress of evacuation due to fire threat to please contact us at VMS so we may support you in any way we can.

In addition to staying abreast of COVID-19 protocols and fire updates, we monitor air quality daily to help us determine if it is safe to allow our students outside during the school day or if it becomes necessary to temporarily close the school. We recently ordered an AIR Quality Sensor for installation at VMS which will enhance our ability to monitor and measure the air quality directly around our campus.

Please mark your calendar to reserve time to attend our important Back to School Night Zoom sessions we will be hosting over the next few weeks. These zoom events are designed for parents to provide a comfortable way to learn more about school expectations and curriculum. We will create break out groups hosted by our teachers to provide more class details, meet other parents and to answer questions pertinent to your child’s class. Dates and times are below. We hope to see you there!

Be well and be safe!

With Gratitude,

9/02 Upper El Back to School Zoom, 6pm
9/03 Primary Back to School Zoom, 7:30pm (note time change)
9/07 Labor Day (School Closed)
9/09 Lower El Back to School Zoom, 6pm
9/10 Middle School Back to School Zoom, 6pm
Valley Montessori School
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