Aug 30, 2019
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Upcoming Events
Friday, August 30, All Day
Event: SA WUURA UU Labor Day Campout

Sunday, September 1, 1 pm
Sunday Service: How to Survive an Earthquake

Sunday, September 8, 1 pm
Sunday Service: In a Doorway Together

Sunday, September 15
Event: Blood Drive

Spiritual Path
Minister's Column: In the Interim

Hello MVUU Family!

We are only at the beginning of a journey together and yet we have already entered the real of being in community. 

We are in the midst of grief with the unexpected deaths of Dick and Margory Brown. We are celebrating the possibility of new life with the birth of Lucas, born to Samar Adi. The Project Management Team (PMT) is excitedly exploring the possibility of a beautiful building (more in Anne Tatum’s announcement, below). You are about to officially welcome me as your new interim minister and enter a two-year period of interim ministry. There is so much to feel about, think about, wonder about, and dream about.

Interim ministry is an exciting time-- it is the ministry of honoring our past and welcoming change. 

As your interim minister, I will leave after two years having completed a specific task: supporting you in a clear and successful call of a settled minister who is a fit for this congregation’s mission, vision and direction. As congregants, during this interim time, you will experience a unique form of ministry and congregational life. This is a time where we intentionally engage questions of who we are, who we want to be and how we will get there. This is a period of grief for what was and no longer is. It is also a period of self-reflection, re-commitment and celebration.

Over the next month, I will be sharing more with you about interim ministry and the kinds of conversations and experiences you can expect. 

For now, expect that I am here to support you, celebrate you, ask you questions, be curious and honor the work you have done to get where you are-- and support you in the sacred work necessary to go where you are headed.

I am using September as a time to get to know MVUU as an organization and meet with church leadership. Beginning in October, I will host regular office hours. I will announce those hours in our next newsletter. In the meantime, I hope you sign up for one of the Cottage Conversation with me that will be hosted throughout the Fall season.

I look forward to our ministry together. Thank you for your trust. 

With Gratitude,

Rev. Samantha
Meet Rev. Samantha Wilson

Our new minister, Rev. Wilson, would like to get to know her MVUU congregants in an informal home setting. In order to provide this opportunity, several MVUU folks have offered their homes to host these get-togethers. You will have a great opportunity to get to know her and give her an opportunity to get to know each of you.

To attend, you will need to look for the email from our Congregational Administrator, Erin and sign up for one of the meetings. No more than eight persons plus the host(s) will be attending so that Rev. Wilson will have more opportunity to share personally with each of you.

The schedule is as follows:

Saturday, Sept 14, 4-6 pm Hosts: Ray and Michelle Deeney
Saturday, Sept 28, 2-4 pm Online ZOOM meeting
Saturday, Oct 12, 2-4 pm Online ZOOM meeting
Saturday, Oct 19, 4-6 pm Hosts: Deborah Roberts & Tom Sawyer
Saturday, Nov 23, 4-6 pm Hosts: Anne & Chuck Tatum
Saturday, Dec 14, 3-5 pm Host: Paula Lipsitz

Reserve your spot online, sign up as soon as possible to take advantage of this opportunity to get to know Rev. Wilson in this informal setting.  You will not be disappointed!
President’s Message: Good News
As we wind down the last days of summer, looking forward to a cooler temperature ahead, it feels like we are beginning, even though we are already two months into the MVUU fiscal year. Yes, we have many new things to celebrate.

Welcome Party!
Reverend Samantha Wilson is now here! She has been meeting us gradually and will have her first pulpit day on Sunday, September 1. Please come if you can and attend the Special Welcome Reception in Fellowship Hall, following the practice.

This will be a unique time with our Interim Minister as she gets to know us and our programs as well as how we interact with each other. Together we will look at our direction and work on becoming even more effective as we live our mission together. I am excited about this time.

Many Thanks
I want to use this column from time to time to call out special recognition for our hardworking volunteers. Tom Sawyer , the chair of Practice Associates, planned the entire June, July and August Sunday Practices, with a minimal number of associates. This left many slots to fill for sermons on our limited budget and he did a gracious job of handling extreme pressure in the absence of a minister. At the same time, he is chair of the Transition Team. Please thank Tom Sawyer when you see him!

Moving Forward
On the New MVUU Home Project , we have some optimistic news. The Project Management Team inspected a retail property this week. The team has recommended that the Board consider it for purchase. The Board met Wednesday, Aug. 28 and voted to pursue an offer. The exact terms of the offer are being negotiated and, if accepted, more information will be available next week. 

Of course, the entire congregation will vote on whether to purchase this property (contingent on due diligence completion). If approved, it will take several months before closing and completing the remodeling necessary for MVUU occupancy. We will keep everyone posted on this possibility.

Anne Tatum, President
Board of Trustees
MVUU Movies at the Loft

Please join us this summer for a film each month at the Loft. Descriptions of each feature will be sent via email along with the name of chosen restaurant for a before or after treat. If you would like to be included on this email distribution list, please contact Bonnie Grant Baird at  BJGRANTB77@gmail.com .
Sunday Morning Book Group
Sunday, Sept 1, 10 am at The Fountains

We have chosen a new book “The Second Mountain” by David Brooks. In this book, we explore the four commitments that define a life of meaning and purpose: to a spouse and family, to a vocation, to a philosophy or faith, and to a community.

For more information contact John Clark at  alvinjclark@aol.com .
 Tuesday, Sept 24, 2 pm

We are a group of enthusiastic readers who meet the  last Tuesday of the month at 2 pm . We select a variety of books based on what has intrigued members. The one who suggests the book generally leads the discussion of that book. Our next meeting will be on Sept 24 .   The book is  Hag-Seed  by Margaret Atwood; a modern take on Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest. It is one of series of books by notable authors taking on famous Shakespeare plays. If you are interested, new to the group and will need directions to the meeting, contact   Anne Leonard at anne@alartworks.com 520-307-8045)
SAWUURA UU Labor Day Campout 2019 Labor Day Weekend Fri–Mon, Aug 30 – Sept 2, 2019

You are invited to tent camp, share meals & kitchen duties, activities and worship. Relax and deepen your spiritual connection with nature, play, hike, bird/star watch, sing & singe s’mores around the campfire.

Fees are $45 adults and $25 children under 16 (or $35 adults & $20 children members). Important: SAWUURA is 2 miles down a rough dirt road & our latrines are pit toilets. Deadline to register is Monday, August 26

SAWUURA Contacts:
Eb Eberlein ebaztrails@gmail.com
Jan Hatunen janhatunen@gmail.com
Curtiss Seale curtissimo@mac.com or (520) 982-3984
Pastoral Care

Life’s not always easy. Know that you are not alone.
Reach Out To Pastoral Care today.
Coffee Baristas - September Signup   
Contact Erin Chadwell  administrator@mvuu.org Training is available - just ask!
Justice Outreach
Social Justice Outreach: New Opportunities

We are going forward with a new approach to our social justice work that was developed last spring. Four teams (or caucuses) have been established. They focus on four social justice areas that were determined by a survey to be of most concern to the congregation. Volunteers have signed up to participate in the teams.

Attached is a list of the teams and the members who have volunteered so far. More volunteers are welcome! The teams, along with their current leaders, are listed below. If you would like more information or haven’t volunteered already and would like to be on a team contact the leaders.

Environmental Concerns:  Climate Change, Cynthia Chaffee, cynthiachaffee@mac.com
Democracy:  Economic Inequality, Education, Health Care, Racism and Patriarchy, Anne Leonard,  anne@alartworks.com
Immigration:  Cheri Desmond May,   cheri@desmondmay.com
Gun Violence/Gun Safety:  Richard Kopp,  richardkopp@mac.com  
Watch for news and calls for action from the teams in the newsletter.
Justice Outreach Reminder: BSL’s Red Cross Blood Drive
Sunday, Sept 15

MVUU blood donors may participate in Beautiful Savior Lutheran’s American Red Cross Blood Drives this fall, which are scheduled for Sunday, September 15 and Sunday, December 8

The Red Cross Sign-up sheet will be on their volunteer table in the church vestibule, along with helpful brochures on the process.

Basic Requirements:
1) At least 17 years old
2) Min height & weight: Females 5’ 5”, 150 lbs., Males 5” 1”, 130 lbs.
3) Blood pressure must be between 80/50 & 180/100 at time of donation
4) No current fever, cough, or cold; most medications acceptable.

NOTE: At donation, Red Cross will test droplet of blood to measure hemoglobin level to meet their health standards. Email Debbie Gessaman at deb.gessaman@gmail.com for any questions.
Climate Change 
Sunday, Sept 1, 8

Write HERE, Write NOW for Action on the Climate Crisis!

On Sundays September 1 and 8 come by our  Climate Corner  to write your letters to your Senators asking them to show real leadership to help avert the Climate Crisis the world has been experiencing. Since Congress will be appropriating funds soon, now is the time to flood them with letters urging that a green economy be created, urging serious phasing out of fossil fuel and demanding proper protection of our air, land and water.

The Senate should be creating market incentives for businesses and consumers to go green ! Our letters will be sent to Washington, DC where they will be hand- delivered to our Senators as part of the UU Advocacy and Action Conference on Environmental Justice, Class and Race (held in Washington from Sunday, September 15 through Tuesday, September 17). All of us should join in this activity.

Cynthia Chaffee
Sunrise Youth Conference, UU Church of Tucson
Saturday, Sept 14

On Saturday, September 14 , The UU Church of Tucson (22nd Street) will host a Sunrise Youth Conference. The Sunrise Movement is a youth group that has many hubs throughout the states that most recently focus on the Green New Deal and issues involving climate change.  Vince Palowski  has asked if many of us could provide some food, lodging and/or chaperoning to these young people. We hope to have more details this Sunday. 
Saturday/Sunday, Oct 26-27

Tickets are now on sale for UUJAZ's Issue + Action day. October 26th + 27th at Surprise UU Church. Join UUs from across AZ for building relationship, knowledge, power and capacity for justice. Powerful worship services with music from Phoenix Women's Chorus, a keynote from the UU College of Social Justice, delicious coffee and pastries from the Coronado, vegan meals from the Rez: an Urban Eatery, incredible workshops from justice partners around the state, and in the evening: The First Annual Jazzy Awards to honor justice work of the past year. 

Early Bird Gift
Be one of the first 10 people to purchase your ticket and receive a "Moving at the Speed of Trust" pin (like the one Janine wears when she visits congregations) as a token of gratitude.

Reserve your tickets before they increase October 1st. Scholarships available. The cost is $50.

Interfaith Community Services Food Bank
Volunteer Needed: Food Bank Donations.  
MVUU has been collecting non-perishable food on the second and fourth Sundays for the Interfaith Community Services (ICS) food bank. Starting in September, there will be no one to do the collection and delivery. 

Please contact Anne Leonard if you would be willing and able to take this on. Meanwhile, if you want to make a donation you can take your items to ICS at 2820 W. Ina Rd. They are open 9 -1 Monday through Saturday and 5 to 7 pm on Tuesdays.

September Woven Basket Partner:

Unitarian Universalist Justice Arizona Network

UUJAZ engages Unitarian Universalists all over Arizona in justice work and justice ministry. By strengthening the connection between UU activists and congregations across the state and partnering with like-minded justice organizations, UUs are empowered to work for socially-just public policy.

UUJAZ helps Individual congregations to establish strong social justice programs grounded in our UU faith tradition, and helps them expand circles of connection within the congregation, between the congregation and the local community, and among Unitarian Universalists across the state and nation.

Some Highlights

  • UUJAZ plans and implements an annual UU Day at the Legislature (DATL) at which we teach members how to advocate directly with legislators and other elected officials.
  • We inspire, support and share resources with local congregations in their social justice work.
  • We research and study issues.
  • We provide real time monitoring and updates through the Valley UU Legislative Alert.
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