08- May 10, 2020

We would like to echo the voice of the participants in the DL Week 4 survey by celebrating the ongoing commitment of our community to help maintain a strong focus on effective student learning through the online environment. Students are motivated to learn and engage during the synchronous and asynchronous times, our teachers continue to do an outstanding job by trying their very best, we are being able to build community and sustain relationships through small groups and 1:1 meetings, and we have been able to support each other as a community while we navigate through this uncharted territory.
Important CNG Access Links for Parents:

  • Please read Parent Council Notes for May here

  • Make sure to check out the new one-stop-resource for CNG Parents with tons of useful information and links! Feedback for improvement may be provided to your Parent Council Rep.
  • Password: CNGCH (same as Community Handbook)

Condor Activities

We appreciate your support in continuing with the Condor Activities classes. We are in our final month of classes and activities will end on Monday, June 1. We want to invite you to take part in your child's final activity, which will be the last day of each class- May 26 through June 1. We will be sending more information regarding specific times and links to you.
If you are being transferred outside of Bogota, and you already know you will not be coming back to CNG for the 2020-21 school year, please email withdrawals@cng.edu as soon as possible and we will assist you with your withdrawal process.