Special needs,
Carol Adele-Jewett,  Glen Hausfeld, Marie Irwin, Mary Huber, Marj Jacobsen, Pirfa Kumbin, Malaika McKee, Susan Mundale, Patty Paulus, Tom Specht, Ashley Taney, Bill and Madelyn Weaver, RebaWoodard, Derrick, Julia

Mary Louise Phelan, Gene Wedell, Joanna Page, Dorothy Danielson

Ongoing prayers
Lois Becker, Connie Donnelly, Kathy Erickson, Linda Evans, Richard Evans, Anneke and Paul Jessup, Young Ja-lee, Anand Masih, Ann Maas, Matt, Marilyn Nelson, Kate Prins, Irene Sahyun, Terry Schlink, Phillip and Betty Schmalz, J.M. Stanton, Amara Strande, Jerry Wohnoutka

We welcome and extend hearty greetings to the congregation of Abbey Way beginning worship services on Sunday September 12th in the Whipple Chapel

Book of Common Prayer             For the Diocese,
O God, by your grace you have called us in this Diocese to a goodly fellowship of faith. Bless our Bishop and other clergy, and all our people. Grant that your Word may be truly preached and truly heard, your Sacraments faithfully administered and faithfully received. By your Spirit, fashion our lives according to the example of your Son, and grant that we may show the power of your love to all among whom we live; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen,