LIFE AT VMS: Covid Liaison & Elementary Waiver Process
by Ann Clark, Head of School
Dear parents,

We continue to look for your support as partners during this pandemic. We appreciate your commitment in following safety protocols both on campus and at home. Our staff and families on campus are counting on everyone to keep our community safe by continuing to practice social distancing, wearing face coverings and washing hands frequently to mitigate risk in spreading the virus.
VMS Covid Liaison
As Director of Human Resources, Angela Zellmer is our designated VMS Covid-19 Liaison. She has completed contact tracing and Covid-19 safety training. Contact her for any Covid related questions or issues at: or 925.455-8021 x213. In addition, you may refer to the ACPHD protocol which is our reference as it pertains to the onset of symptoms or close contact with someone who tests positive for Covid-19. Thank you for your continued vigilance.
Elementary Waiver Process
Late last week, we received authorization from the Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD) to begin the application process for a waiver for in-person instruction in our Elementary Program, grades 1-5. Although we do not anticipate a return to on-campus instruction at this level before January, we have begun the application process to be prepared if and when necessary.
It is important to understand that getting approved for the waiver does not mean VMS would exercise this waiver and pivot to in-person instruction. It does, however, provide us with the option to do so once we feel it is safe to add more students to campus. We will use an abundance of caution in making this decision based on feedback from our VMS community, local Covid-19 case numbers with an eye on trends, and concerns around the cold and flu season.
Step one of the application process is to submit feedback from our staff and parent community from the elementary levels. In addition, we will be providing documentation demonstrating we meet the safety requirements established by county guidance, all of which are currently in practice in our on-campus Early Childhood Program and Childcare for Distance Learning Program.
Again, whether or not we receive a waiver, we will continue to be diligent in enforcing our safety protocols and only open elementary in-person teaching when we not only meet and exceed the county requirements, but also feel that for our community it is safe to do so.
Air Quality
We have installed an air quality sensor at VMS to measure the Air Quality Index (AQI) on our campus. You can get the AQI here on Purple Air. We monitor the AQI throughout the day to determine if it is safe for the children to go outdoors.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we continue this journey together.

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