09 - October 13, 2020

It is our wish that you are well informed regarding the different aspects that we address in the Colombian Program. We want to invite you to read CNG TE CUENTA LIBGUIDE to learn more about our Teachers, learning goals, events, and reading suggestions, among others.Please find this site by going to the Parents as Partners HUB as indicated in Parent Links.
Queridos Padres,
Es nuestro deseo que estén bien informados sobre los diferentes aspectos que abordamos en el Programa Colombiano. Queremos invitarles a leer CNG TE CUENTA LIBGUIDE para conocer mas sobre nuestros docentes, metas de aprendizaje, eventos, y sugerencias de lectura, entre otros. Pueden encontrar el enlace en la página de "Parents as Partners" que está disponible en los enlaces para padres de familia.
Thank you!

The Parents as Partners HUB was developed based on feedback from the parent community. It gathers useful tools and resources for parents to be involved in their children’s education, which we know is the number one predictor of student success! 

Take advantage of the available resources: why the parent-school partnership is paramount, valuable parent education resources, school calendars with features to copy events in your personal calendar, character education curriculum, student learning expectations (standards & benchmarks), among others.

  • Link: Distance Learning HUB
  • We invite you to take a look at CNG’s updated Distance Learning 2.0 Handbook

Athletics & Condor Activities

Keep up the great work! It was a joy to observe our teams and activities in action. Continually strengthening the mind and body will help CNG maintain a healthy emotional lifestyle.

Activities on Tuesday, October 13.

We appreciate your support and trust in the continuation of Condor and Athletics activities, our instructors and athletic coaches will keep working hard to ensure our children stay connected to their teams and activities, understand concepts, and maintain physical fitness. 

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