Hi. ☺️ Hopefully if life felt overly busy there the last few weeks,
you've been able to begin to catch your breath. I just wanted to pop in for a moment to make sure you knew we had a few special
things happening at Shine this month. Please share with friends who may be interested.

Scroll down for more info about:

1-/-2-3 Back on Track Sale
now through 1/8/23

New Beginner/Basics Class Series

Mini-Meditation Series

New Year's Restore & Reset Session
with Kate Noble Friday, Jan. 13th 6 - 7:30

~ ~ ~

Now through Sunday 1/8

New Year's - Get Back on Track Sales

12 classes for $123
Shine class passes have a 3-month expiration date.
Sale starts Monday, January 2nd.

And.... we've reset some class prices for 2023
+ a note about class sizes & registration.
Please scroll down for more info.

New Year's Events & Special Series

Special New Year's Reset Event with Kate
Friday, January 13th 6 - 7:45 pm
Kate has designed a very special soul nourishment session which includes: gentle & restorative yoga, guided meditation, quiet contemplation (journaling with prompts if you like), and deep relaxation. This session centers around the concept of a gentle New Year's Reset.

Tuesdays 5:45 - 6:45
New Beginner / Back to Basics Series
This series runs during our regularly scheduled New Beginner / Basics class but special sequential instruction will be offered during the series which runs from January 10th - Feb. 7th.

Mini Meditation Series with Kate
Wednesdays 6-7 pm from Jan 11th - Jan 25th
Regular class prices apply.
(These classes are not currently posted on MindBody
scheduler but will be soon. Please pre-register.)

Please share with friends who may be interested.


New Year's - Get Back on Track Sales

12 classes for $123
Shine class passes have a 3-month expiration date.
Sale starts Monday, January 2nd.

To register for classes using your existing pass, simply click the "sign up" button next to the class you want to attend.

To purchase a new pass in order to take advantage of the sale, go to the "online store" tab. (*Remember ALL class passes have a 3-month expiration date. There is a limit of 1 for the 1-2-3 pass.)

  1. Click the big red "sign up" button at www.shineyoga.com
  2. Click the "online store" tab (at the top right of the Mindbody portal.)
  3. Click the small "Series and Memberships" link which pops up below the larger tabs at the top.
  4. A small pop-up window will appear which says "Select Item" in the window, click it and scroll down to the pass you would like to purchase

A note about class sizes, registration,
and a few regular class price resets.

At the onset of our initial re-opening after Covid, we drastically limited our class sizes. We set our class prices and registrations to accommodate our most regular students. While we are still limiting class sizes to a certain degree, we have opened classes up a bit. Most classes have a 15-person capacity and then have a wait-list. If you are on the waitlist, you may come in to class knowing that it's a pretty full class at today's standards. (The exceptions are the Gentle class on Thursday am and Restorative on Sunday which are prop dependent. You must be pre-registered for these two classes.) We are still requesting students pre-register for other classes but if you have been having trouble registering and want to come in for class, please do so.

While most prices around town are going up for 2023, we have dropped a few prices for the New Year — including our drop-in price.
*Class passes continue to have a 3-month expiration date.
Class prices are set as follows for 2023:

In-Person Classes
Drop-In - (was $20) - now $18
5 class pass* - (was $85) now $75
10 class pass* (was $150) now $140
20 class pass* - best regular class price deal! $250

Special Back on Track Pass
Best short term deal! 12 classes* for $123
Sale starts 1/2/23.

On-Demand and Live-Stream Classes
Virtual ALL ACCESS (live stream & on-demand) - $65 / month roll-over
Monthly on-demand pass - $24
"Single" on demand video -$8
(The "single" option allows you access to the on-demand video library for two days.)
Single Live Stream Class - $8
(Single live stream is good for one class and expires 2 days from your purchase.)
Best Live-Stream Deal = 10 Class Pass - $65

It is our pleasure to share sacred space with you, to help support your well-being practices, and to be in community with you. Cheers to a happy, healthy, and harmonious new year! We hope to see you soon.

As always, please email us with concerns, questions, and compliments too;-)

With love and gratitude, Kate & the Shine family.

New Classes and Workshop Series
Scroll below for more info on our new classes:
New YogaFio® Integral Core Balance Class Tues. 11:30 - 12:30
New Beginner/Back to Basics Series Tuesday evenings in Jan. 5:45 - 6:45

More Info About New Classes & Series

New Class ! Tuesdays 11:30 - 12:30
YogaFio® Fusion - Integral Core Balance (new name - same class)
Over the last decade, Kate has been creating a unique method/fusion for teaching and practicing yoga and other mindful movement methods. YogaFio® is rooted in a traditional yoga method and incorporates the latest in exercise science in order to fully support students in a FUNctional, Integrated, and personally Optimized way. "TrueCore" is a yoga/functional exercise fusion. It uses variations and personal body weight to create the optimal challenge for each person in a mixed-level class environment. True Core does not focus solely on "abdominal strength and tone but goes deeper to develop inner core strength and balance for the spine, hips/legs, shoulders/arms, as well as those ab muscles. Come check it out!

New Class Series! Tuesdays
Tuesdays 5:45 - 6:45 - Series for Beginners / Back to Basics
This series is created for those looking for an easy and accessible entry or (re)entry to group yoga classes. We'll take our time in introducing and working through all the basics of yoga classes in a calm, casual, and kind manor. This class is created for all those who feel like beginners or are beginning again.

*Both the New Beginner/Back to Basics Series Meditation Series are running as regular classes in a series format which means while they are formatted to build on each other, students can use regular class passes and may drop-in (with online registration) as your personal availability allows.

New Class ! Wednesdays 11:30 am
Post-Natal/Mommy&Me Yoga is designed for new parents who can come with baby or come alone if baby is not up for practice. While the class incorporates bonding, connecting with, and at times entertaining baby — the primary focus of this class is to work on soothing and tuning the post-natal body. Class is shorter than our average classes to accommodate baby's attention span and helps us focus on the primary needs of new parents. This class will help you restore your central core (pelvic floor and torso) and will help you relieve the tension that often builds when carrying, cuddling, and feeding your baby. 
This class is appropriate once you have clearance from your care provider. Bring your baby once you feel comfortable with baby being in public with others. We continue to purify the air with our hvac system during class and with our hepa filters between classes. You can attend this class as long as you wish after birth. Babies are welcome to attend until they start crawling off their own mats;-) 
In Other News....
Please send feedback & suggestions to info@shineyoga.com.
How To Sign Up For Classes
  1. Go to www.shineyoga.com
  2. Click the big red "Sign Up" button at the top of the page.
  3. Shine's MindBody portal will pop up.
  4. Click the "Sign-Up" link next to the class you want to take. Be sure that you are selecting the appropriate in-person or live-stream.
  5. You will next need to sign in to your Shine MindBody account if you have one or create a new one.
  6. If you have practiced with us previously, you will already have an account. Try using your email and password recovery to access your account. If you have trouble, please feel free to send an email to info@shineyoga.com for help. It may take us a day or two to reply.
  7. If you want to purchase a class pass, rather than a single class, don't be alarmed when it says "Book a Single Reservation." Once you click that button, you will have the option to purchase a single class or to purchase a class pass.
  8. If you have not been back to Shine since Covid, you will need to fill out a new waiver. We have them at the studio but you can also download one here and bring it in to the studio.
  9. Teachers arrive to the studio about 15-minutes before class.
  10. We look forward to seeing you back in the studio soon.
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