December 2020
2020 by the Numbers
We began the year 2020 by celebrating five years of service to our clients. We remained resilient as the Covid-19 global pandemic changed the way we conduct business. Pivoting from predominantly in-person client interactions to predominantly virtual client interactions was swift and full of learning opportunities. Take a look below at the projects and successes we are most proud of accomplishing in 2020.

We wish you all a healthy, safe, and resilient year ahead! ~Joan and Marc Plisko
1 New Teacher and 2 Young Students

Spending time in the garden during Covid-19 provided Joan with the opportunity to teach young neighbors about nature, growing, and cultivating. It also allowed Marc Plisko to refine his own teaching skills -- in this instance about using a portable solar panel to provide power for small electronic devices. At PSS, we believe in supporting our local community and are grateful to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with those around us.

Reach out to us to schedule a socially distant or virtual conversation regarding education programs for your home,community, or office.
Marc Plisko teaching about solar energy.
Two young neighbors learning to harvest herbs and make tea on the porch.
10 Home Gardening Videos

During the first three months of quarantine (April - June 2020), Joan, while working as Pearlstone’s Community Sustainability Director, along with the help of her daughter, Ellie Plisko and the creative Pearlstone team, created 10 informative and fun home gardening videos that were published on YouTube.
Click on the links below to journey with us.
Joan with garden carrots
Joan Plisko with freshly harvested carrots (pictured with fig tree)

Videographer, Ellie Plisko, freshman, Univ. of Tampa
23 Long-Term-Care Facilities

The team is back together! Following the great success of the Clean Collaborative Phases I and II, the Maryland Patient Safety Center, CleanHealth Environmental, Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC, and Mayoryk Consulting Services launched the Clean Collaborative Phases III and IV during the summer of 2020.

Twenty-three long-term-care facilities from across Maryland enrolled in this program, which is geared toward reducing healthcare associated infections through the validation of cleaning and disinfection programs and processes.

Contact Joan to discuss launching a cleaning validation program at your facility.
Bonnie DiPietro, Director of Operations, Maryland Patient Safety Center
The Clean Collaborative Management Team
Joan Plisko (l) and Shari Solomon, CleanHealth Environmental (r)
Stephanie Mayoryk, Mayoryk Consulting Services (l) and Joan Plisko (r)
126 Trees

Bringing MedStar Harbor Hospital (MHH) and the Baltimore Tree Trust (BTT) together was a natural and logical step. Joan provides ongoing sustainability consulting services to MHH and she recently joined the board of the BTT. Over the past two years, MHH has planted 126 trees over the past two years as part of its Green Infrastructure Plan which PSS helped create. MHH has an ongoing commitment to increase the tree canopy for the improved health and wellness of earth and all earth's inhabitants. In support of this effort, in November 2020, the Baltimore Tree Trust planted 26 trees on MHH campus. Stay tuned for more trees coming in 2021.
Jordan Brown, crew member, Baltimore Tree Trust, planting trees.

Brian Gray, Director Clinical Operations, MHH (l), Joan Plisko, Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC, and Bryant Smith, Executive Director, Baltimore Tree Trust, (r) surveying greenspace at MHH to plant more trees.
Kwamel Couther, Tree Care Foreman, Baltimore Tree Trust, planting trees
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