Changing Lives...
One Bible at a time!
1,000 Bibles sent this year!
Joanna and I want to thank you for your partnership and support in 2022. Your participation, prayers, and volunteer hands helped change 1,000 lives behind bars this year!
Meet our volunteers-
Jesus with skin on!

Heart of America Prison Ministries sends first-quality study Bibles! Watch these two videos and learn about our volunteers' work!
30 years ago, God instructed David to send God's best to assist His children in becoming their best behind bars! 10,000 Bibles and 100,000 resource books later, Heart of America is still helping Jesus change lives one book at a time! (See Hebrews 13:2–3; Matthew 25:36–41.) Check out these exciting videos...
In 2022
David received his doctorate in theology through Primus University
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