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1,000 People!
For the third year in a row, Praying Pelican Missions has helped to throw a Christmas party for 1,000 people!

The week was made possible by 20 people who gathered from all around the USA with one goal, to bring the true meaning of Christmas to everyone we could.  We spent numerous hours filling bags full of water and tea, and preparing thousands of hotdogs and candy bags too!  

In the end about 1,000 people gathered in an outdoor gym complete with cultural dancing, a marching band, face paint, temporary tattoos, balloon animals, and a food station.  Pastor Warner wrapped up the time by sharing how God sent His son Jesus to earth to save us all from our sins!  

What a privilege it was to lead this trip where the participants were stretched, the Gospel was proclaimed, and lives were forever changed!

You can see all that God did throughout our week by viewing our Trip Journal.

Christmas in the USA
Right after the Christmas trip ended in Costa Rica, we took off to celebrate Christmas in the USA with our families and friends!

Since arriving, we have already feasted on some of our favorite foods that we have missed. I'm sure will be regretting this next month when we can't hide behind our hoodies and sweatpants, and are back to wearing shorts and t-shirts!

Nathan was able to minister at Abundant Life Assembly of God in Pennsylvania, just one day after landing.  We have been running around trying to visit our family, friends, and supporters.  

We (Nate & Laura) also had the opportunity to celebrate our anniversary (a little early) in NYC for two nights...some much needed time away!

We spent Christmas in Delaware going to church, eating amazing food, and spending time with the Guertin family.  It is such an amazing season celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ!  We ended the month by spending a few days in Ohio with Laura's brother and his family, then traveled to Michigan to be with Nate's family. Nathan preached at the church his parents pastor, New Jerusalem Christian Fellowship, on Sunday morning. 

January Schedule
January 1 - 7:  visiting Nate's family in Michigan

January 7:  sharing at Radiant Church in Jackson, MI at 9:30 am, 11:00 am, and 12:30 pm

January 8-10:  visiting in Ohio

January 11-20:  visiting in Delaware

January 12:  sharing at Wilmington Christian School in Hockessin, DE at the Middle/High School Chapel

January 14:  sharing at Immanuel Church in Wilmington, DE at 10:00 am.

January 15:  Missions Trip Prep Meeting with theMission Church in Townsend, DE

January 16:  Meeting with leaders at The Journey in Newark, DE

January 17: Nathan & Laura's 14th anniversary!

January 21:  Normans fly back to Costa Rica!

January 27 - February 2:  serving with Faith Fellowship in Guayabal, Costa Rica

Nathan, Laura, Darrell 
(in the USA), Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah
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