Family Focus
Programs & News | August 2020
1-on-1 Parenting Chats with Parkie
One thing parents say they appreciate about our playgroups is the chance to chat about parenting, child development and the ups and downs of life with kids. While we can't bring back our in-person playgroups yet, we are offering opportunities for you to have an informal parenting chat with Parkie, who leads our playgroups.

Do you have questions about how your child is doing? Is there a particular parenting challenge you are facing these days? Sign up for an individual, confidential parenting chat for information and support. These chats can be a phone call or Zoom conversation (your choice) and will be scheduled for 20 minutes. The button below will take you to our calendar, where you will see links to sign up for sessions on Monday mornings, Tuesday evenings or Wednesday afternoons.
Back-to-School Conversation (virtual)
School is on everyone's mind...

We are offering this opportunity to connect with other parents to talk about what is on your mind as you face this transition back to school either in-person or online. Join the conversation to share your thoughts, concerns and ideas about schooling and how to support your child's learning during a pandemic.

We don't have answers, but we do have a kind and compassionate community of parents who want to connect and support one another through this challenging time. We hope you will join us:
Tuesday, August 18th
6:30-7:30 PM

Parenting Journey ... coming soon
  • Identify your strengths
  • Clarify parenting values and goals
  • Gain respect and build trust with your children
  • Become more confident and optimistic
  • Increase your ability to nurture yourself and your children
  • Build a network of support
For parents & grandparents of children of all ages

Sept 9- Nov. 25
6-7:30 pm

Parenting Journey is a 12-week program with activities and guided discussions to help parents learn more about themselves, their relationships, and the resources they need to effectively parent their children.

In a warm and nurturing environment, parents are supported and encouraged to care for themselves and each other as they gain insights about the ways that past experiences can influence current parenting behaviors.
Coping with Addiction in Your Family
SOS Recovery Community Organization and Harbor Care are hosting this virtual conversation about the ways that addiction affects everyone in the family.

The event facilitator, Donna Marston, is an advocate, author and mother who has learned how to heal her broken heart. Donna's goal is to provide parents and adult family members a safe place to learn about the stages of change and recovery and the family roles that everyone takes on when someone in the family is sick and suffering.

This event is free and tickets are available through Eventbrite. All adult family members of people with substance use disorder or alcohol use disorder are welcome to attend.

Wednesday, August 26th
6:30-8 PM

Time to Play Cards!
A deck of cards is an inexpensive way to have fun with your kids, and it is good for their developing brains. Card games provide social interaction and practice listening, taking turns and handling competition. Most card games promote memorization, matching, math skills, and pattern recognition as well as teaching strategy and probability.

The most important benefit is that a few rounds of Crazy Eights, Memory, Go Fish or Rummy offer a way for parents and kids to play and have fun together, and this strengthens your family relationships.