Good afternoon,

Recent news here in California was disheartening to hear: Just as we were all moving toward reopening, coronavirus cases surged and our governor had to roll back reopening plans.

Individuals and businesses are struggling to adjust, as are the health care and social service organizations that serve our communities. Here at FCA, we are open and supporting caregivers of individuals living with chronic or disabling health conditions — from our home to theirs — via telephone and video chat and through online webinars, engaging classes, support groups and more.

As providers and service organizations, we're all in this together — trying to meet client and patient needs while navigating challenges arising from the pandemic. As hard as that is, we also believe that in that challenge lies an opportunity for us to partner more closely in service of those we support. In that spirit, we're pleased to bring you partnership opportunities below as well as a range of resources and information for caregivers.

Caregivers can contact us directly for assistance, or you can send us a referral on behalf of the caregiver of your client/patient via phone, fax,  email  or through our  website . A ll of our services are free or low-cost.

We look forward to helping you and the families you serve!