Good morning,

As our nation heads into the eighth month of the pandemic and we all continue adjusting to our “new normal,” we at Family Caregiver Alliance want to acknowledge all those doing double- and triple-duty these days:

  • The working professionals also co-teaching their kids at home.
  • The essential workers juggling child-care, safe transportation and personal safety at work.
  • The family caregivers balancing health and safety precautions with compassionate, attentive care.

Parents, employees, caregivers and so many others in our communities are stepping up and taking on more responsibilities. Some have become sole earners for their families; others have lost jobs and are looking for work. Yet so many are showing up for their families, co-workers, friends and neighbors. And we say bravo and thank you!

For those caregivers who are caring for individuals living with dementia or other chronic health conditions, these times are especially trying. We heartily salute them — but also want to let them know they’re not alone and that there are resources available to help.

For more than 40 years, we’ve been providing these caregivers with free and low-cost resources and services, and in many cases, one-on-one support. Please keep us in mind as a ready-to-deploy resource for any such caregivers in your professional or personal circle.

We’d be honored to help these everyday heroes.